What Is A Content Marketing Matrix?

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As a tried and tested idea, the content marketing matrix isn’t a new idea is still a reliable tool to assist with directing your content marketing actions. Phenomenal marketing begins with great content. Great content requires purpose, direction and goals. The content marketing matrix is a framework to assist with directing your marketing based on your particular content goals, whether you want/need to entertain, inspire, educate or convince your audience. It’s a technique that guides customers along their path to purchase in the most direct as well as effective way.

How Do You Use The Content Marketing Matrix?

Begin by considering if your product, service, or subscription is an emotional or rationally driven purchase. This is a very important categorisation because it will determine how your content will work in the marketing matrix.

The next thing you must consider is what outcome you would like from the content that you are producing:

  • Are you promoting a novel product, or influencing consumers to purchase a product?
  • Are you looking to disseminate informative content?
  • Are your target audiences experts or newbies in your industry?

The kind of content which you produce will be based on which section of the content marketing matrix which you think the answers to these questions fit.

What Do You Want Your Content To Do?


Making content fun, engaging as well as even viral is by far the best way of creating a buzz and creating awareness. Content such as competitions, quizzes, games, and videos gets individuals talking, actively engaging with your brand and affords you data for follow up content.


Inspirational content is fantastic in connecting with emotional decision makers particularly in the later stages of the buying process. Make it about people and then relate to them. Show them reviews and ratings regarding how other individuals felt or let them tell it for themselves in a public forum. In addition, endorsements associate your brand with an inspiring person, bringing their following to your business as well as.


If you have quite a lot of fact-based content or technical information to share, you really need to make this clear and simple to understand for your customers so they are able to continue to the conversion stage without wavering. Guides and infographics are often simple to follow and add a visual impact. Reports, articles as well as press releases work well for giving more information and detail.


Demonstrate that your product or service works. Showcase your product features, allow people to try things via interactive demos and make calculations and guides easily available and understandable for all people. Convincing content has a massive influence on buying decisions and is frequently one of the last considerations before a customer converts.

What Are The Benefits Of The Content Marketing Matrix?

You’ve probably thought long and hard about a content marketing piece. You’ve written it expertly, received editorial feedback and tweaked it to perfection. However, after pressing publish you might be surprised to find that your article has fallen flat and hasn’t received the amazing conversions which you thought it would. This could be because ‘content types fall within defined scopes of purpose, and using one outside of its designated scope could be the reason the piece didn’t work. You can mind-map future content concepts and review how your competitors use these types of content too.

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