Entrepreneurship for the media course

Entrepreneurship for the media course

Course Description

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting world to be in. You get to create a business and are able to see it grow as well as flourish before your very eyes. Every entrepreneur in the marketing arena needs to be creative, financially savvy as well as be someone who can lead a team.

The Digital School of Marketing’s Entrepreneurship for the Media Course is suitable for individuals who would like to become knowledgeable about how to effectively run any business in the marketing and advertising arena. This course takes business philosophies and incorporates them with various tried-and-trusted marketing principles to create a holistic approach to starting your own business.

Who is the course suited for?

  • Freelance creatives who want to learn the best way to run a successful practice
  • Media professionals who wish to start their own agencies
  • Editors and journalists who would like to become the head of a publishing house

So, if you are a business-minded person and have dreams to start your own business in the marketing or advertising field, then this entrepreneurship course is ideally suited for you.

You will learn:

  • How to create a business plan
  • Basic principles and techniques for conducting market research
  • How to create a marketing plan
  • How a statement of financial positioning
  • How to create business and operational goals

Course Duration:

3-6 months


Below is an exhaustive compilation of the course modules you will cover

Module 1 – Entrepreneurship

  • Understand the elements of a business plan
  • Match opportunities for new ventures to market needs
  • Determine the financial requirements of a new venture

Module 2 – Marketing management

  • How are general management functions applied to a marketing department
  • What are the basic activities involved in the management process
  • What are the main management tasks required of marketing managers

Module 3 – Building Relationships with The Media

  • Pitching to journalists
  • Interpersonal skills in traditional and digital PR
  • Etiquette of media relation
  • Planning media campaigns
  • Managing editors

Module 4 – Managing relationship with stakeholders

  • Identification of stakeholders to liase with
  • Customer communication
  • Supplier relations
  • Socio cultural PR
  • Environmental PR
  • Government Relations

Module 5 –  Project management for entrepreneurs

 (SAQA ID 10147 NQF 5, 14 credits)

  • Project management and supervision practices
  • Project team during the project initiating phase
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring and controlling phase

Module 6 – Marketing communication principles

(SAQA ID 10064 NQF Level 5, 8 Credits)

  • Marketing communications concepts
  • Marketing communications channels
  • Lateral thinking in marketing
  • High and low thinking marketing strategies

Module 7 – Brand growth strategies

  • Effective management and management principles
  • How to manage a team
  • How to grow your brand
  • How to build relationships with the media.

Module 8 – Supervise a Technical project team

  • Learn to apply project management skills and supervisory practices within an advertising or marketing work environment.

Module 9 –  Demonstrate an understanding of an advertising agency:

  • Structure of an advertising agency/design company
  • Workflow within an advertising agency/design company
  • Relationship between advertising agency/design company and suppliers

We offer an additional 10% upfront discount to students that are paying for themselves


R10450total payment
  • Deposit R3200
  • R2417 (3 months)

R10450total payment
  • Deposit R2900
  • R1258 (6 months)



The CPD Certification Service

Member of the IAB SA

How to Study

The Entrepreneurship Course is delivered on a cutting-edge online learning platform. It is designed to give you theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in digital marketing.

Digital school of marketing has adopted a personalised approach to your learning experience – this allows you to start when you are ready, study at your own pace whilst enjoying the benefit of our full-time student support.

This is how you will study marketing:

  • Slides with digital marketing information pertaining to each module and subject
  • Infographics designed specifically learning outcomes
  • Videos designed specifically for the learning programme
  • Downloadable eBooks of every lesson
  • Earn while you learn certificates – after successful completion of each module you will be awarded a certificate
  • Formative assessments, multiple choice questions and summative assessments

As a student you receive:

  • Login details for the course
  • Student Support throughout
  • Certificates for each successfully completed module (Digital copies)
  • a final certificate for the course (Hard copy and Digital copy)

What makes us different?

We have long been established in the Digital Marketing and design industry

We are SETA registered

We are BEE compliant

Courses are internationally transferable

Massive video library making your understanding of these applications a breeze

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Entrepreneurship for media Course accredited?

    Yes – the Online Entrepreneurship for media Course is accredited through MICT SETA, Internationally endorsed by the CPD UK services body. There are two modules which are accredited unit standards in this specific course totalling 23 unit standard credits.

    The other modules are specific to the field of digital marketing and what knowledge you will need to succeed within this vocation.

    How long will it take me to complete this course?

    On average students take 3-6 months to complete this Entrepreneurship for media Course. However, if you need longer to complete your marketing studies – you will be able to.

    When can I start the course?

    This  course, which gives a thorough grounding in digital strategy, can be started at any time of the year. You may start studying the digital marketing the course whenever you are ready.

    The Entrepreneurship for media Course is offered throughout the year. So you can start your digital marketing studies whenever the time is right for you!

    Where can I work with the Entrepreneurship for media Course?

    The Digital School of Marketing’s Entrepreneurship for the Media Course is suited for individuals who would like to gain knowledge on how to run any business in the marketing and advertising arena effectively. This course takes business principles and incorporates them with various marketing modules to create a holistic approach to start your own business.

    Why are Digital Marketing skills needed in The workplace?

    The shift of how consumers find products has changed significantly in the age of digital marketing.

    The ability for organisations to thrive in new marketplaces depends on how well versed their staff are in their digital marketing skills.

    It is therefore imperative that all organisations big and small upskill their staff in digital marketing to capitalize on this growing trend. – If you would like a quote for your company for the Entrepreneurship for media Course please get in touch and we will gladly prepare one for you.

    Do I receive a study pack?

    No study pack will be received. All course information is available online.

    Where is the Digital School of Marketing Head Office?

    Our head office is based in Randburg, Johannesburg. However, the marketing courses are available throughout South Africa and Internationally through online learning.

    Is there student support?

    There is student support available from Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, at the college with trained assessors and facilitators to assist you in your marketing studies. Contact our trained digital marketing assessors to assist in your marketing learning journey.

    Why choose the Digital School of Marketing?

    The Digital School of Marketing is fully accredited through the Media Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA). This means that the online digital marketing courses are specially designed for the digital industry. All industry benchmarks and standards have been met. Additionally, You can start studying the Basic Digital Marketing Course anytime during the year and the courses are available throughout South Africa.

    How old do I have to be to start a course at DSM?

    You have to be 17 years old to be eligible to start the Basic Digital Marketing Course, which provides the best digital marketing course in South Africa.

    What are the payment options available?

    There are many payment options available at the Digital School of Marketing. We offer discounts on full payments. Debit orders are available as well as structured payment plans with installments. – Studying Digital Marketing has never been this easy!

    When does the debit order run?

    The debit order runs for the Basic Digital Marketing course on the last working day of every month.

    If I choose the debit order option, will I be billed more than the monthly course instalments?

    No. You will only be billed for the monthly course instalment.

    Can I freeze my debit order?

    No. Your debit order runs automatically after the first payment is charged.

    Can My employers assist with payment for the course?

    Yes! – Please contact us for a customised quote for the basic digital marketing certification for your employers.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Johannesburg?

    If you want to study digital marketing courses in Johannesburg, there are several options available. You can study in a classroom setting (such as at the University of the Witwatersrand) or – if flexibility is important to you – then going for an online option is your best bet.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Pretoria?

    The digital marketing industry is skyrocketing and you need to be a part of it! If you’re on the hunt for digital marketing courses in Pretoria there are two options for you – either a classroom-based course or an online one such as the digital marketing courses on offer at the Digital School of Marketing.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Durban?

    If you want to become a digital marketer or run your own business, you need digital marketing skills to promote your company. If you’re based in KwaZulu-Natal and are looking for digital marketing courses in Durban, in terms of face-to-face courses you should look at Pixel Craft Training. But if you’re looking for an online, anytime, anywhere course then the Digital School of Marketing is your best bet.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Port Elizabeth?

    Marketing happens online now so marketers – who’ve been trained in traditional methodologies – need to upskill themselves with a digital marketing course. Are you looking for digital marketing courses in Port Elizabeth? If you are, you need to look into the Digital School of Marketing’s wide range of courses.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Cape Town?

    When looking at digital marketing courses in Cape Town there are plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you could approach the AAA School of Advertising or Rosebank College as these institutions offer face-to-face classes. However, if you are looking for online options, try the Digital School of Marketing, we offer a wide range of courses.

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