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Content marketing involves distributing marketing collateral involving texts, images, videos, audio, etc. Up until recently, almost all content was created by the company or its third-party marketing agency. User-generated content has been enabled by social media, online reviewing, and online comments. This variety of content is not only free; it’s the most authoritative content, in that people who have actually engaged with the brand are broadcasting their honest, factual opinions for all to see. This article takes a look at why leaving comments on blogs and other online content is a good idea for both brands and their customers.

Grow your audience

Droves of people are reading a blog articles every day. Sometimes it’s for information to solve a problem in their lives; sometimes because they’re interested in the topic being written about. Many blog readers will look through any available comments to glean further information. By commenting on blogs, a brand gets its name out in front of an untapped market population.

Share links

Back links (or links that point from other websites to a business website) are a critical SEO component. They show that websites trust the brand enough to be willing to link to it. By adding links into comments (that provide further information on the subject), a brand can generate more back links and eventually traffic for the website. However, it should be remembered that there is a fine line between being helpful and forcing your content on people.


Commenting on blogs can also improve your brand reputation – if you’re doing it right. Typing and sharing links to original, innovative industry information, that helps people fulfil their needs, will eventually give a brand the status of thought leader. People who want to know about an industry will turn to thought leaders for guidance and authority. The good reputation that thought-leadership awards will translate into more followers and, ultimately, leads.


Another benefit of reaching out and commenting on blogs is that collaborations can be initiated. For example, a brand might strike up a conversation which could lead to ‘guest blogger’ exchanges. This is when brand A showcases brand B’s article via the available promotional mediums, then brand B does the same for Brand A, thus tapping into each other’s following pool for greater reach.

Commenting on blogs as a customer

There are three rewarding outcomes potential or existing customers achieve when commenting on blogs:

  1. They help to shape the brand

By leaving constructive feedback in the form of comments, customers play an active part in improving the brands that listen to their audiences and implement improvements based on their opinions.

  1. They affect how others see a brand

It’s not only the brand that sees online comments about its products, services, or content. Other potential customers read comments, and can be swayed by what they see being said about a brand.

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