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In today’s corporate landscape, digital marketing skills have emerged as the linchpin of success. The ability to navigate the digital realm, harness its power, and connect with online audiences is no longer a luxury but a strategic necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital age.

On this page, we’ll have a look at

  • Upskill Your Employees With Digital Skills: Discover how our programs can empower your workforce with essential digital skills for success in today’s business landscape.
  • Courses Offered In our Digital Skills Learnerships: Explore the comprehensive range of courses available in our Digital Skills Learnerships, tailored to meet your corporate needs.
  • Accreditation: Check out our impressive list of accreditations, validating the quality and credibility of our Digital Skills Programme.
  • Our Corporate Clients: Learn about the esteemed organizations that have partnered with us to enhance their employees’ digital proficiency.
  • Testimonials from former Learners and Corporates: Hear from those who have benefited firsthand from our programs, both learners and corporate clients alike. Their success stories speak volumes about the value we bring.

Upskill Your Employees With Digital Skills

In the digital era, the gap between corporate ambitions and digital proficiency is a challenge that can’t be overlooked. That’s where our Digital Marketing Learnerships step in, addressing this critical need with precision.

Our program is the blueprint for closing the digital skills gap within corporate environments. It’s a comprehensive solution empowers your workforce with the latest digital marketing expertise. From SEO mastery to data-driven decision-making, social media magic, and content strategy finesse, our courses cover the entire spectrum of digital marketing.

By investing in our Digital Marketing partnerships, your organisation unlocks a strategic advantage. Your employees will acquire the skills to boost online visibility, engage diverse audiences, and enhance customer interactions. This not only elevates your brand’s reach but also fuels business growth.

Courses Offered In our Digital Skills Learnerships

The Digital School of Marketing provides an extensive range of up-to-date digital marketing skills tailored to meet the current market’s demands, effectively addressing the skills shortage in South African transformation initiatives.

Adobe Design Applications Course Bundle

Every graphic designer needs thorough proficiency in utilizing design software. The Adobe Design Applications Course equips you with an in-depth understanding of navigating the top three Adobe design suites effortlessly. This course aims to bolster your capability in these essential tools, ensuring you can bring your creative visions to life with confidence and efficiency.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Embark on a journey to master the intricacies of becoming an exceptional digital marketer with our Advanced Digital Marketing Course. This comprehensive program equips you with unparalleled skills to craft and implement innovative digital marketing strategies, setting you apart as a leader in the dynamic digital marketing landscape.

Advanced Graphic Design Course

Embark on a journey to master the art of digital creativity with our Advanced Program, a flagship offering among our design curriculum. This program offers a deep dive into the world of digital creativity, providing you with extensive, holistic knowledge that covers every facet of the field. Designed for those seeking to excel, it positions you at the forefront of innovation and practice in digital design.

Basic Digital Marketing Course

Basic Digital Marketing Course

Dive into the core principles of digital marketing through the Basic Digital Marketing Course offered by DSM, accredited by the prestigious United Kingdom Services CPD Body. This foundational program is your gateway to understanding the vast digital marketing landscape, positioning you for a thriving career in a field that’s experiencing exponential growth.

Basic Graphic Design Course

Basic Graphic Design Course

Explore the foundational elements of visual communication, delve into the business aspects of the industry, and begin your journey in Adobe Illustrator with our online training program. This comprehensive offering provides a deep understanding of the key principles and practical skills needed to thrive in the field of design.

Basic Social Media Course

Explore the fundamentals of key social media platforms with the Basic Social Media
Marketing Course from the Digital School of Marketing. Dive into essential social media marketing knowledge to elevate your skills. Click to learn everything necessary to excel in social media marketing.

Brand Management Course

Dive into the realm of brand loyalty and consumer engagement with our Brand Management Course. Learn specialised techniques to make your customers fall in love with your brand, enhancing your skills whether you aim to become a brand manager or to bolster your marketing expertise.

Digital Business Courses

At the Digital School of Marketing, we offer a diverse range of online digital business courses tailored to meet the demands of today’s dynamic business landscape. Our courses, which are…

Digital Communications Course

Digital communications is an increasingly competitive and complex online field. Everyone needs to be able to cope with the rapid change with an abundance of information. This course is aimed at professionals who are wanting to build up their presence online.


At the Digital School of Marketing, we offer a comprehensive range of full and part qualifications, unit standards, and short courses – all fully accredited. This means that regardless of your chosen method, you can rest assured that it holds accreditation and will earn the requisite credits and recognition of your competence.

Upon completing any Digital School of Marketing program, your personal information is meticulously recorded in the MICT SETA National Learner Database. This step ensures that the details of the unit standards or qualifications attained are securely associated with your personal information within a government-regulated database.

Moreover, besides our MICT SETA accreditation and SAQA-aligned qualifications, the Digital School of Marketing boasts several other endorsements. These endorsements extend the reach and recognition of your courses locally and internationally, making them highly transferable and esteemed within the dynamic realms of Marketing, Advertising, and Media.


Testimonials from former Learners

Here are some of the experiences of our past students:

  • I had an awesome experience studying through the Digital School of Marketing, the course material was well-researched, easy to understand and complete and the instructors were very helpful.
    Would definitely complete more courses through them. – Thabo Wells

  • One of the best online institute in South Africa in my opinion. If you are looking to study from the comfort of your home, DSM needs to be on your list of options. I once sent an email when struggling with a particular class and just had to seek out help so i sent the school an email and they replied om the same day! I was shocked at how fast the response was since in most cases, major institutes may take time. This proved to me that DSM values their students. The class platforms are easy to navigate through and supported with video guides as well based on the course that i was studying. Studying from home has been the best experience. Thank you DSM! Keep it up! – Reanetse Motaung

  • DSM is an accredited company offering courses online. Registration is quick and painless, and if you have any queries or questions, they are quick to respond which was very helpful. I did the Online Marketing Management course and found it very extensive. They offer a vast amount of coursework which can also be downloaded to e-books, allowing you to go through the work at your own pace and keep for future reference. Overall, was a great experience – would recommend. –Taryn Erasmus

  • I recently completed two courses at Digital School of Marketing and it was an outstanding learning experience. The course content was well-structured and the interactive format kept me engaged. The support and feedback were top-notch. I highly recommend DSM for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in digital and online marketing. – Sonja Nell

  • Studying through, and graduating from, DSM after completing the Brand Management program was an incredible experience. The online, self-paced format was a game-changer for my part-time schedule, allowing me to work (among other commitments) while pursuing my studies at my own pace. The user-friendly online platform, responsive guides and team members, and relevant curriculum made learning enjoyable and practical. DSM offers competitive rates, as well as financial aid in the way of various payment options, making quality education accessible. If you’re seeking a flexible and convenient education, look no further than DSM – Digital School of Marketing. My brand management journey here was great, and I’m proud to be an alum of this institution. Thank you, DSM, for helping me achieve my academic and career goals! – Melissa Wilkinson

Testimonials from former Corporates

Digital Marketing partnerships for corporations are key to transforming your workforce into a digital powerhouse. In an age where digital prowess drives business success, our learnerships offer a strategic advantage. Equip your team with the skills to harness the full potential of digital marketing, analytics, and branding. With DSM, you can bridge the digital skills gap within your organization, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

Don’t wait to elevate your corporate game in the digital arena. Contact us today to explore how our tailored learnerships can reshape your workforce, driving growth, innovation, and market relevance. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Your future success in the digital landscape starts here with Digital School of Marketing’s Corporate Digital Marketing Learnerships.

Our Corporate Clients

The Digital School of Marketing (DSM) has been instrumental in equipping numerous corporations with the digital skills and expertise necessary to thrive in the modern business landscape. Our tailored corporate training programs empowered these organisations to adapt seamlessly to the digital era. Our courses have enabled their teams to navigate the complexities of digital marketing, data analytics, and online branding effectively. As a result, our corporate clients have experienced enhanced market competitiveness, improved customer engagement, and a significant return on investment. DSM’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital education has been pivotal in supporting these corporations’ growth and success.

Digital School of Marketing is a SETA and SAQA accredited college specialising in Digital Marketing and Digital Skills in South Africa.

All Digital School of Marketing Courses are offered on a bespoke online learning platform that learners can seamlessly learn Digital Marketing skills.

Digital Marketing skills contribute to the overall businesses success as they allow for accurate and real time customer insights into customer behaviour and marketing campaign results.

From an organisational standpoint, having your staff proficient in Digital Marketing will allow you to understand your market better and enable you to target your advertising and marketing more effectively resulting in a positive ROI.

A learnership is a structured learning programme offering an opportunity for individuals to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in the workplace, leading to a qualification registered on the NQF with SAQA.

Learnerships form part of nationally recognised qualifications that are usually linked to a qualification. This means that the knowledge students gain on a learnership is not only for a specific job but also forms part of a higher qualification that they can expand on through other learnerships or skills courses.

The duration of learnership varies in duration but can span anywhere from one year to eighteen months.

Before the programme is started, a detailed contract is drawn up by the employer, the learner, and the Digital School of Marketing. Each party agrees to specific conditions pertaining to the learning outcomes and the contract protects all parties for the duration of the programme.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic the traditional way learnerships were run have been disrupted and now learners can learn remotely on computer or mobile devices.

Everyone can benefit from a learnership.

When a company runs a learnership they can gain B-BEE points, tax deductions and access to SETA grants.

Additional Benefits:

  • Develop the skill and competence of employees.
  • Promote the practical application of relevant skills in the workplace.
  • Raise the skill levels of employees while improving work-based performance.
  • Higher returns from the Skills Levy.
  • Increased grant disbursements from Skills Levy contributions.


Digital School of Marketing Full Qualifications available for Employed learnerships:

  • National Certificate of Advertising
  • National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing
  • National Certificate of Advertising and Advanced Digital Marketing
  • National Diploma of Copy Writing
  • National Diploma of Copy Writing and Digital Marketing

An Accredited skills programme is a unit standard or combination of unit standards that leads to an employable skill. Learners earn credits on the NQF that they can use towards a qualification.

Skills programmes are designed and compiled by Digital School of Marketing by identifying the skills that are missing in the workplace at large.

The skills programmes are registered with the MICT SETA. Learners will be entered into the MICT SETA data base once they have been deemed competent for the programme completed.

The duration of the skills programmes varies from three to six months depending on the programme.

All skills programmes are offered online, and student progress is tracked and reported to upper management of the employer.

Additionally, students are supported throughout their journey by DSM’s student support team.

Skills programmes offered:

Digital School of Marketing offers comprehensive array of Digital Marketing Skills that are relevant to the current market and address the needs the South African transformation skills shortage.

Courses on offer:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course
  • Brand Management Course
  • Digital Content writing course
  • Marketing Management Course
  • Marketing Strategy Course
  • Sales and Digital Marketing Course
  • Project Management for the Media Course



    Most definitely! Digital School of Marketing will share progress and completion course data that keeps you updated on the progress of your learnership team. We will also work together with you to ensure that all learnership students are supported with any queries that they may have pertaining to the learning material. They have direct access to assessors via the online learning platform.

    As Digital School of Marketing onboarding process, your learners will get a personal student support success manager. These support managers are in the heart of DSM’s learning experience.

    Our student support is  trained to guide students through their learnership journey.