Why You Should Master Digital Copywriting To Enhance Your Content

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Digital copywriting involves the development of online written content that includes website copy, PPC advertising copy, blog article development, newsletter copywriting, etc. There are a million ways to say pretty much anything these days, so how you say something is going to play a role in determining whether or not the reader takes an interest. So, copywriters can push out content – but excellent copywriters can push out content that converts! This article takes a look at why brilliant content is so important these days, how copywriting fits into content development, and three copywriting trends to keep in mind:

Why Is Outstanding Content Important?

Content marketing has taken over the marketing industry, with 40% of marketing budgets (on average) now going to the development and dissemination of content. However, we’ve gone past the point where simply loading content is enough. Brands now need to go one step further to remain relevant and differentiate themselves – by creating content that is one notch better than the best content out there on the topic. In other words, average content won’t stand out – but excellent content certainly will.

How Does Copywriting Fit In?

Content refers to items of intellectual property developed by an organisation and can include blog articles, infographics, webinars, checklists, tutorials, videos, etc. Copy, on the other hand, refers specifically to the wording being developed for these assets. In other words, multiple creatives will work on a piece of content, with the copywriter contributing the copy in the form of article paragraphs, video scripts, infographic copy, and the like. Without copywriting, there can be no content in the first place!

3 Copywriting Trends To Take Note Of:

–  Search Engine Optimisation

Ensuring that your online writing is picked up by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines are critical for any copywriter, hoping to get their content read and shared. This involves doing keyword research around your topic, ensuring that your copywriting answers the questions that people look for answers to by searching the internet.

–  Natural Language Processing

Writing like a sleazy salesperson is a no-no when it comes to copywriting in the new digital age. Likewise, writing copy that is loaded with industry jargon and words containing more than three syllables has proven ineffective on the modern consumer. Copywriters should write as if they were speaking colloquially to the reader, in-person.

–  Trimming The Linguistic Fat

George Orwell once suggested to all aspiring writers that if a word can be removed from a sentence, and it still makes sense without the word, you never needed it in the first place. Today’s consumer doesn’t want to read 70% waffle and 30% actual information. They want the facts. They want them in as few words as possible.

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