National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing

National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing

Course Description

The National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing is the crème-del-a crème of advertising and digital marketing certifications.

Backed by this exciting online advertising and marketing course you will make a splash in the exciting world of advertising and online digital marketing with all the most up to date knowledge in the media industry.

In addition to the work outlined by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) we have added in topics such as:

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  •  Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Display Advertising
  • Web Analytics

This means that you’ll have an edge over your peers in the digital marketing space!

With DSM’s National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing, you’ll be able to comfortably step into any media, marketing or advertising role after you’ve successfully completed this marketing and advertising course.

Digital School of Marketing is an internationally endorsed member of the CPD services body of the United Kingdom and we’re a proud member of the IAB South Africa. Therefore your Advertising and Digital Marketing Certificate is internationally transferable and endorsed.

Course duration:

12 to 16 months

* Digital School of Marketing is BEE compliant

So, are you ready to supercharge your career in the marketing and advertising industries? If so then this advertising certificate is just for you!


Below is an exhaustive compilation of the course modules you will cover

Module1 – The National Certificate of Advertising (SAQA 58820)

Module 2 – Marketing Communications Concepts
This module will teach you to identify and explain marketing communication concepts and ideas, implement low- and high-focus thinking, as well as explain and apply lateral thinking processes.

Module 3 – Present Advertising Ideas
Ideas are the backbone of every successful advertising campaign. So in this online advertising course you’ll learn how to generate idea and solutions related to advertising contexts. Evaluate solutions and develop these in advertising contexts. 

Module 4 – Develop advertising activity specifications
Every successful advertising campaign starts with a comprehensive brief. In this advertising course you will learn how to analyse brief specifications as well as produce and distribute briefs. 

Module 5 – Recommend resources for advertising assignments
This module will teach you how to compare resource requirements with available resources for specific assignments.

Module 6 – Develop customer needs and relationships
In this module you will learn how to initiate interpersonal communication with customers, assess and respond to customer needs as well as maintain and improve customer relationships.

Module 7 – Write scripts for an audio-visual medium
This module will teach you how to write an audio-visual media script and pitch stories to relevant role players.

Module 8 – Write an advertising copy
In order to be able to put together great advertising copy, the first step is to assess advertising copy media/channels and your target market’s characteristics so that the material you put together responds to them. In this module, we’ll discuss how to write advertising copy and evaluate an advertising copy against given specifications.

Module 9 – Supervise a technical project team
Every advertising project needs a project manager to manage all the aspects involved. So, in this module you will learn about project management and supervision practices as well as how to apply these.

Module 10 – Sustain oral interaction and critically evaluate spoken texts
This module will teach you how to interact as a listener and/or speaker in oral communication settings as well as how to analyse and critically evaluate oral presentations.

Module 11 – Access, process, adapt and use data from texts
In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to analyse and respond to produced texts, explore textual features and language usage, as well as analyse and evaluate textual content.

Module 12 – Select information for advertising assignments
Learn how to define required information parameters to address advertising needs. Access information sources which are relevant for your defined information needs.

Module 13 – Brand Management
You will learn about the differences between a brand, branding and brand management. In addition, in this marketing and advertising course, we’ll discuss the components of brand management, branding strategy and sustainable brand building.

Module 14 – Content Marketing and Digital Copywriting
In this module, you’ll gain content creation and digital copywriting skills that will assist you in planning, creating and executing an effective content marketing strategy.

Module 15 – Learn how to create a website

Using WordPress, we show you how to choose and set up your webhosting and creating a functional website using the WordPress dashboard.

Module 16 – SEO and Web Analytics
Understand what it takes for your website to reach the number one spot on search engine result pages.

Module 17 – Social Media
Discover how to grow a brand online on any social channel, increase customer engagement on these channels and correctly target the right market (on social media channels) for your business. This module will also enable you to measure success and adjust your message to suit your target audience.

We offer an additional 10% upfront discount to students that are paying for themselves


R20900total payment
  • Deposit R3200
  • R2950 (6 months)

R20900total payment
  • Deposit R2900
  • R1500 (12 months)


This is a MICT SETA NQF 5-accredited course.  You’ll need a Grade 12 to be eligible to pursue this advertising qualification.


The CPD Certification Service

Member of the IAB SA

How to Study

This advertising course is delivered on our state-of-the-art online learning platform, which is jam-packed full of videos and infographics for all your learning needs. Please note that although the course is offered on an online basis, the learner will be required to download various documents from the online system, print these documents out and complete/sign, scan and upload onto the online learning system (this is a SETA requirement).

How you will study the National Certificate of Advertising and Digital marketing:

  • Informative slides pertaining to each module and subject
  • Bespoke Infographics designed for The Digital School of Marketing
  • Videos designed specifically for the learning module and pertaining slide
  • Downloadable eBooks for every lesson
  • Earn while you learn certificates – after successful completion of each module you will be awarded a certificate
  • Formative assessments, multiple choice questions and summative assessments with feedback from your assessor

As a student you receive:

  • Login details for the course
  • Student Support throughout
  • Certificates for each successfully completed module (Digital copies)
  • a final certificate for the course (Hard copy and Digital copy)

Includes access to the DSM virtual series for the digital marketing component of your course.

  • Enjoy the benefits of classroom learning from the comfort of your own home on any device.
  • Unlimited Access to live and on-demand lectures
  • 2 evening lectures per week
  • 2 hours per lecture
  • 96 hours of live classes over 6 months
  • Learn new skills in our immersive virtual environment
  • Interact with industry experts
  • Join the tribe and connect with fellow students
  • Build a network of likeminded individuals

Virtual Lectures Start Date: 13 September 2022

What makes us different?

We have long been established in the Digital Marketing and design industry

We are SETA registered

We are BEE compliant

Courses are internationally transferable

Massive video library making your understanding of these applications a breeze

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing accredited?

    Yes. This online advertising certificate is accredited through MICT SETA as the National Certificate of Advertising.

    How long will it take me to complete this National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing course?

    It will take you roughly 8 – 18 months to complete this comprehensive advertising and digital marketing course.

    When can I start the National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing course?

    Courses can be started any time of the year. You may start the course whenever you are ready.

    Where can I work with the National Certificate in Advertising and Digital Marketing?

    The courses are designed for you to step into any digital marketing position in a private or corporate institution. You will also be fully qualified to work for yourself in your own business after you’ve finished a course with us. Alternatively, you’ll be able to consult or freelance in your area of specialisation.

    This course is the crem del de crème of advertising and marketing certifications and you will be able to fulfil any corporate position within the field of advertising and marketing. If you prefer to freelance then the certificate will provide you with entrepreneurial skills to be able to do this.

    Do I receive a study pack?

    No study pack will be received. All course information is available online.

    Where is the Digital School of Marketing Head Office?

    Our head office is based in Randburg, Johannesburg. However, the marketing courses are available throughout South Africa and Internationally through online learning.

    Is there student support?

    There is student support available from Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, at the college with trained assessors and facilitators to assist you in your marketing studies. Contact our trained digital marketing assessors to assist in your marketing learning journey.

    Why choose the Digital School of Marketing?

    The Digital School of Marketing is fully accredited through the Media Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA). This means that the online digital marketing courses are specially designed for the digital industry. All industry benchmarks and standards have been met. Additionally, You can start studying the Basic Digital Marketing Course anytime during the year and the courses are available throughout South Africa.

    How old do I have to be to start a course at DSM?

    You have to be 17 years old to be eligible to start the Basic Digital Marketing Course, which provides the best digital marketing course in South Africa.

    What are the payment options available?

    There are many payment options available at the Digital School of Marketing. We offer discounts on full payments. Debit orders are available as well as structured payment plans with installments. – Studying Digital Marketing has never been this easy!

    When does the debit order run?

    The debit order runs for the Basic Digital Marketing course on the last working day of every month.

    If I choose the debit order option, will I be billed more than the monthly course instalments?

    No. You will only be billed for the monthly course instalment.

    Can I freeze my debit order?

    No. Your debit order runs automatically after the first payment is charged.

    Can My employers assist with payment for the course?

    Yes! – Please contact us for a customised quote for the basic digital marketing certification for your employers.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Johannesburg?

    If you want to study digital marketing courses in Johannesburg, there are several options available. You can study in a classroom setting (such as at the University of the Witwatersrand) or – if flexibility is important to you – then going for an online option is your best bet.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Pretoria?

    The digital marketing industry is skyrocketing and you need to be a part of it! If you’re on the hunt for digital marketing courses in Pretoria there are two options for you – either a classroom-based course or an online one such as the digital marketing courses on offer at the Digital School of Marketing.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Durban?

    If you want to become a digital marketer or run your own business, you need digital marketing skills to promote your company. If you’re based in KwaZulu-Natal and are looking for digital marketing courses in Durban, in terms of face-to-face courses you should look at Pixel Craft Training. But if you’re looking for an online, anytime, anywhere course then the Digital School of Marketing is your best bet.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Port Elizabeth?

    Marketing happens online now so marketers – who’ve been trained in traditional methodologies – need to upskill themselves with a digital marketing course. Are you looking for digital marketing courses in Port Elizabeth? If you are, you need to look into the Digital School of Marketing’s wide range of courses.

    Where Can I Study Digital Marketing Courses In Cape Town?

    When looking at digital marketing courses in Cape Town there are plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you could approach the AAA School of Advertising or Rosebank College as these institutions offer face-to-face classes. However, if you are looking for online options, try the Digital School of Marketing, we offer a wide range of courses.

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