Why you should add humour to your content marketing

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Content marketing is all about putting out information in various online formats for target market consumption. How the target market perceives that content will determine their actions after processing it. As marketers, we’re always striving to deliver content that adds value to the consumer’s life, and one commonly used content marketing angle is humour. People love to laugh, right? We’ve found four reasons why getting funny might just be the best marketing move ever.


The best thing about humour in your content marketing is that it is shareable. People who find your content funny will likely share your hilarious posts with their online networks, which will result in an organic marketing message spread further than your own network. People want to laugh, and they want to make others laugh. They’ll share it; you just have to make it funny enough.


When it comes to longer pieces of text, humour is almost an essential. Humans have, on average, very short attention spans. If your content doesn’t grab them immediately, it probably never will. Snappy headlines and dramatic opening sentences can only get a piece of content so far. It takes humour to keep the reader invested in reading the whole thing.


People also want to feel as though they fit in and find comfort in what they can relate to. When appropriate anecdotes and ‘insider’ jokes are used, the content has an excellent chance of being favoured by those who ‘get it’. If you’ve ever seen a Nandos advert, you’ll know what this refers to. However, even general humour, that most would find funny can be used successfully.


Think about what you’ve seen on the media in the last few weeks. How much of it was good news? There is a serious lack of good news in the world these days, but humorous content that gets people laughing and talking can be the equalising force. If brands are seen to be change-makers for good, consumers will want to align themselves and contribute to the cause.

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