Why you Need a Digital Copywriter

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Writers are a special breed. They are cut from a different piece of cloth. They write to make a difference and to touch their audience’s hearts. And a digital copywriter is in a league of their own.

What is a digital copywriter?

Digital copywriters produce content for online and digital platforms such as websites, blogs, emails, and social media platforms. Their job is to engage their audience and motivate them to buy products or services. Digital copywriters need to understand digital marketing and SEO. In some cases, they might even need specific IT skills such as knowing how to upload content onto a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress.

Some of the other skills a digital copywriter will need include:

  • Excellent research and analytical skills,
  • Creativity, and
  • A writing ability second to none.

Why you need a digital copywriter

In our digital world, many people fancy themselves to be writers. However, this does not mean they should pursue a career in digital copywriting. There are many reasons why you need a digital copywriter. These include:

  • Professionalism – Digital copywriters are trained professionals and will help you come across as professional through using the right tone, words and excellent language. They make sure that you are portrayed as an expert so that people have confidence in you and decide to purchase what you’re selling.
  • Variety – Digital copywriters can put on many hats to suit different styles and businesses. They are also very good at capturing their target audience’s attention and keeping it.
  • SEO – One of the signs of a good digital copywriter is their ability to help you rank higher on search engines. They are basically SEO copywriting ninjas! They will take the keywords that you’ve isolated for your business and will weave them into the copy that they create for you. This will be done in as natural a way as possible so that the copy doesn’t look to be stuffed with the keywords.
  • Client satisfaction – Digital copywriters create content that clients can engage with, learn from, and share. They create content that connects you to your ideal clients. They give clarity and guidance through their content. All in all, they turn your website, blog or social media into a place your target audience wants to be.

Do you employ a full-time digital copywriter or use freelancers? Or do you write your own content? We’d love to hear from you about why you’ve decided to go with the option that you have. Both freelancers and full-time digital copywriters bring their unique voice to the table. The type that you choose will depend on your business requirements:

  • If you don’t have digital copywriting requirements on a regular basis, you’ll probably find that a freelance copywriter will suit your business needs. As they have many different clients they will be able to adapt seamlessly to your business needs.
  • If you find that your business requires digital copywriting services on a more regular basis, you may find that a full-time digital copywriter meets your needs. The advantage is that they are always on hand to meet your digital copywriting needs.

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The saying “Content is King” has been around for the past number of years. However, it’s not a trend that will be changed dramatically as regularly as Google’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) algorithms –  it is here to stay! If you are passionate about creating content for online platforms, love brainstorming ideas and selling your ideas to the public you need to become a copywriter with DSM’s Digital Copywriting and Content Marketing Course! We’ll teach you how to sell your story through creative and enticing mediums as well as these fit into the greater context of marketing and brand communications strategy.

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