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There are countless digital marketing tactics that are currently being used in order to attract new customers to a business. However, content marketing has quickly become a generally acknowledged tactic with nearly 90% of digital marketers using it for customer acquisition and engagement.

Over 75% of those companies already using content marketing have redoubled their budgets for sourcing and producing content. Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the greatest in-demand skills of the decade. The influence of content marketing just keeps on growing.

Content marketing is not a new strategy that only clever digital marketers think about it. It’s the one digital marketing strategy every business needs to include in their overall scheme of things if they want to stay competitive. That is true no matter what industry, business or organisation you’re speaking of.

Interestingly, very few companies know how to do content marketing properly. Even fewer know how to market with content well. This means that if you’re good with words there’s an opportunity for you to become a savvy content marketer. Here are several skills you can focus on to assist your with polishing your CV.

Skills that a content marketer should have

Impeccable Research Skills

Putting together proper research prior to you starting your campaign is vital to its success. Structuring a campaign on an unsteady foundation is one of the quickest ways to waste your time.

Research involves:

  • Examining previous campaigns in the industry,
  • Learning from what they have done, and
  • Finding a list of influencers as well as bloggers who you want your marketing to reach.

Without a sufficient list of targets, it becomes challenging to design a piece of content that those people will want to share.

Out-of-The-Box Thinking

Once you’ve done your research, and found what does and doesn’t work, you’ll need to come up with an idea. This concept is what will make your campaign fly or cause it to fall flat on its face. It’s possible to get away with publishing average content, in some cases, however if you’re looking for huge success then you must publish a fantastic piece of content.

Impeccable Grammar

A content marketing professional should know the fundamentals of writing well with the addition of certain other skills such as:

  • Keyword research,
  • Plotting graphs in Excel spreadsheets, and
  • Running software such as Google Analytics.

Twenty-six per cent of university graduates have writing skills which are deficient. Tweeting, SMSing and WhatsApping have taken a toll on how well people as well as spell. This has promoted the demand for content marketing specialists who are wordsmiths to boot. If you want your business as well as your marketing strategy to be taken seriously, get the language basics right. Bad spelling and grammar harms your brand’s reputation.

Cranking out high-quality content fast is a useful asset for you to find in a content marketing candidate. This is because writers who are fast will be ready to occasionally take on additional workload so that you can meet deadlines.

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