What are the trends in copywriting?

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Trends, by nature, come and go. This is especially in copywriting and digital marketing. While it’s important to keep pace with these trends, it’s also essential to make a call on which methods are (and aren’t) worthwhile for your company or clients. There are several trends that continue to mould and shape the practice of copywriting. Let’s explore a few.

Buying behaviour is changing

People are becoming skeptical about advertising because we are so overloaded with advertising messages that we have learned to ignore what doesn’t interest us. As so much of it doesn’t show a meaningful understanding of our needs we choose to avoid it whenever possible.

Getting access to information is now much simpler. The consumer is more knowledgeable regarding products as well as their background information. If you look back on your own experience of buying a car or a computer, by the time you get to the shop or showroom, you sometimes know as much about the product as the salesman.

Advertising doesn’t need to provide information as much as it did in years gone by. And this makes it even more important to connect with the audience in a relevant way. We consume media differently. We read the news on our cellphone, listen to the radio on our computers and watch movies on an iPad. Media is now so fragmented that the choice of where the communication happens has now become an integral part of creative thinking.

The consumer is in control

Linked to the statement above, whether it’s a click, typing in an address or moving to another page, the consumer is now in control and making the choices. We are in control of the content that we watch or read, when we watch it as well as how we watch it.

We also have the ability to share information as well as create our own unique content. Our experience of media is involved and not likely to involve passive examination. Advertising is no longer about persuasion but rather about engagement.

Having a method of segmenting your subscribers and give THEM the opportunity to decide what type of content as well as communication they would like from you is going to become increasingly important.

Some email programmes give you the option of “tagging” your subscribers depending upon whether they click a link or how they respond to a question. You can then send an email to only the individuals who were tagged. For instance, perhaps you send out an email asking, “If you’re brand new to the business, click here.” Then you can “tag” everyone who clicks on that link. If you have a segmented list of new entrepreneurs, and you can send them content as well as offers which are tailored exclusively to them, see how powerful that can be?

It’s always true that the more you can speak directly to your ideal prospects’ concerns as well as what is keeping them awake at night, the more they’ll buy from you. Until the proliferation of the Internet, it was far more complicated to give them tailored offers. Of course, this is a bit of a catch-22. Now that it is easier, it’s likely your ideal prospects will be expecting it more. This means if you’re NOT segmenting, you could be losing potential clients, customers as well as buyers.

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