What Are The Biggest Content Marketing Challenges?

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You’ve probably heard that content is king, and you’re wondering if that’s really the case. When this phrase was first coined, Google had announced a series of algorithm changes – one of which placed great emphasis on content. Websites with scant wording and barely any other forms of content started struggling on the search engines, prompting marketers across the planet to invest in content development; from the website, pages getting a slew of new sentences, to new blog pages with regularly-shared articles discussing industry-related topics. However, content isn’t the golden goose of marketing success, and we’re taking a look at a few reasons why below:

Challenges Facing Content Marketing

1. Content Consistency

60% of marketers doing content marketing reveal that their biggest challenge is creating content consistently. One main reason for this is due to a lack of a documented content strategy. Without clear direction and an understanding of the “why” behind every piece of content, the message becomes lost in a sea of generic content only developed for the sake of putting out regular content.


2. Content Quality

Content that isn’t of the highest possible quality, especially in B2B marketing settings, will likely fail to make any meaningful impact on readers and the brand’s overall marketing strategy. To deliver content that is truly of the highest quality, marketers must be able to identify the best competitor content out there – and ensure that the in-house content being developed is even better.


3. Content Expertise

A serious challenge faced by content marketing teams is that of procuring the right talent. Not all copywriters are created the same. Each content producer will have their own style and expertise that they bring to the table. The hard part is matching the content producer’s style and tone to that of the brand. For example, a B2C copywriter might not have the necessary expertise to write for B2B.

4. Content ROI

One of the biggest issues faced currently in the content marketing universe is that of tracking return on investment. For example, a B2B company might commission a blog article of 1,000 words to be developed on their patented R250,000 water purification machine. The blog might cost them R2,000 to develop, and sit on their website for years before someone spots it, realises the machine is exactly what they need, and calls the company for more information.


5. Content Sharing

Finally, a major problem to sort out when first looking into content marketing is that of sharing. Content marketing only works when there are sufficient, efficient channels of dissemination. Deciding on which channels to share content across is the tough bit because the days of applying a shotgun approach to sharing content are long gone – and sharing content on channels with little to no engagement historically is nothing short of wasted resources.

One important aspect of content marketing is the development of that content, and copywriters play a rather important role in content creation. After all, how do you educate people on something important without using any words?

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