How to Supercharge The Impact of Your Blog Content

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In the world of search engine optimisation, content plays a huge role.

More and more brands are gravitating towards creating blog content which will allow them to boost their overall search engine rankings.

However, coming up with content ideas can be tedious and sometimes just downright frustrating.

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways you can go about supercharging your blog content for maximum impact.

 First, you need to ask yourself the following question:

  • Does your post include expert material or quotes?
  • Are your pictures high-quality and not stock images?
  • Do they tell visual stories?

The reason we ask these questions is that each one comes with added reader benefits, and they can go a long way in driving the necessary results you are after.

How to Supercharge your blog content

1# Expert Quotes & How to Add Them

Quoting experts and adding their insights to your blog content will assist in building credibility around your blog post.

Simple steps to Follow:

  • Send your influencer of choice a message on Twitter or LinkedIn, letting them know about the quote you’ve included in your post.
  • Create a quote that is well-designed and easy to spot and read. – Furthermore, don’t forget to add author contacts, links and an image.
  • Your expert’s quote should be relevant to what you are writing about.
  • Then choose a few sentences that perfectly match your content.

2# Refer to Well-Known Studies and Researches

Find research that is relevant to your audience because adding reference to your analytical pieces from that source enforces your statements and emphasises what you are writing about.

In whichever case, avoid linking to sites that aren’t original sources of data.

3# Add Captivating Images

Images can make or break your post; they assist in telling a story, not to mention that it allows the reader’s eyes to rest for a few seconds which goes a long way in increasing dwell time on your website.

Ensure to use original images where ever possible and lastly, stay away from low-resolution content.

4# Keyword Research

Before you start writing your blog post, it’s crucial that you do your keyword research beforehand.

Remember, you can’t generate organic traffic unless your post includes the right search queries that have a decent number of searches per month.

And there are many tools to help you gain visibility.

SEMrush Keyword Magic tool is one of our favourites.

It presents you with multiple keyword options which are easily identifiable and convenient to use.

5# Add a Video

Adding a video that’s between thirty seconds to three minutes long on your blog post can go a long way in increasing dwell time.

If you can ensure that the video is contextual to the blog content or even better, recaps what the blog post is all about, you will ensure that the message leaves a stronger impact on the visitor.

Not only will this add more value to the reader, but it will help your content stay top of mind for longer.


Producing a well-written blog post is no longer sufficient for getting visitors to your site and it’s definitely not enough to stand out above all the noise.

Because of the abundance of information on the internet requires that companies try much harder in sparking interest through content.

So ask yourself the right questions and find the edge regarding what you post and how you convey the message.

Remember, for potential readers to give your post a chance it’s truly got to be love at first sight.

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