How To Fix A Broken Content Marketing Strategy

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Every B2B digital marketer is doing content marketing in one shape or another. You’re strategically supplying various forms of original content to help move buyers through their purchasing journey.

When performed correctly, content marketing is one of the most powerful and crucial components of an inbound industrial marketing strategy. When done properly, it will assist you with growing your pipeline of leads as well as boost overall revenue. When this type of marketing is done properly, your bottom line will thank you.

When A Content Marketing Strategy Is Formed

Many companies out there spend the last few months of every single year planning their content strategy for the year ahead. They have colour-coded spreadsheets completed, goals that are in the place as well as the optimism that the next year will be the best yet.

So, let us ask you a potentially awkward question: Are you on track with meeting those goals? If the response is no, don’t worry about it. You are not the only ones and there is still a great deal of time to not only play catch up but to surpass the goals which you originally set.

It’s OK to press the restart button. Through analytics in addition to customer feedback, you must have insight into what is working and what isn’t. You should recognise the areas which need improvement. If you’re stuck on how to turn your content strategy around, here are some tips to help you revitalise it.

Look Closely At Your Content

Look carefully at your content:

  • Does it have a clear as well as focused intent?
  • Was it made to solve a specific problem for a certain buyer?

While it’s true that many kinds of buyers could make use of parts of your product, it’s very easy to miss sight of your true target audience. You get stuck in the being “everything to everyone” in the same content piece. You’ll quickly realise that your marketing messaging is subpar and does not clearly resonate with anyone. A great question to ask is if all of our content did not exist tomorrow, would anybody notice?

Do a content audit and objectively assess your content quality as well as intent:

  • Are you resonating with your target audience on a deeper level?
  • Are you really assisting them to solve their problems?

Occasionally the correct answer for a completely new campaign or bit of content is not to do it. Be honest about the content on your website (even your product and features) as well as who it serves.

An important reason why content strategy falls through the crack is that people run out of time and don’t end up producing the content which they had planned to. Listen to me when we say “outsource that content!” Of course, you should own your process and strategy but you do not need to create the content yourself.

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