How do I get people to read the content on my website?

get people to read the content

If you have a blog or website, one of your main goals is to drive sustainable traffic to it and increase your audience. The next most important thing that you will need to do is to get people interested in your content and, most importantly, read it.

In a recent survey, 15% of those people who responded said that the pleasure of escaping reality while reading, and the enjoyment they got as a result of reading, were some of the highlighted reasons why they read digital content. Over 20% said that their love of learning new information prompted them reading digital content.

There is no denying the fact that people love to read. Creating content is the easy part. However, trying to entice people to learn and share it on social media sites is another thing ballgame entirely.

Tips for website content engagement

What exactly is excellent website content?

Seven aspects can decide if readers want to stay on your page. Here they are.

The Content is Actionable

Actionable website content is highly valuable to readers. It doesn’t just tell them ‘why’. The material shows them how they must carry out a particular action. Use step-by-step tutorials, videos, images in addition to detailed descriptions to walk users through an idea and get to the outcome that they need to.

The Content is Credible

A tonne of data, stats and evidence backed by research will make your content credible. Don’t deny yourself credibility or the force that your article could have had just through thinking that something is common knowledge and not explaining it. Never assume that a statement of your expertise alone is sufficient for people to trust you.

The Content is Original

There are a lot of websites on the Internet. It’s guaranteed there will be some overlap. However, you don’t want to put out a piece of content that seems like it’s been published many times before. Put your unique slant on it. If you don’t do this, your customers will get extremely bored because they will grow tired of seeing the same content rehashed on different sites with nothing new to offer.

The Content is Thought-Provoking

Readers will keep checking in to your website to see what you have to say next. This is only if you’re able to keep people thinking about your post instead of just skimming through.

Content that is thought provoking will keep people thinking about you for a long time after they leave your website. If it’s exciting and memorable people will love to engage with it and share the content on their social media platforms, so carrying the conversations with them there.

The Content is Easy to Read

The content on your website should be easy and enjoyable to read. Otherwise, people are going to click away quickly. This means that it should be:

  • Well-written
  • Easy to learn rapidly.
  • Easy to scan.
  • Broken up into sections

The Content Provides Value

To keep readers returning to your website, and for them to truly love your blog or website content, give them content that they deem to be valuable. That value can lie in the fact that it’s entertaining, educational or solving one of their problems. It doesn’t matter which category this fits into, as long as you’re giving them something that they want or need.

The Content Maintains a Purpose

All website content needs to be focused. This is so that you don’t go on a big, long rant that only leaves readers confused about what you were talking about in the first place. Everything you write and design needs to have a purpose that goes towards what you want to accomplish.

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