How Can You Make Content Marketing Work In a World Saturated With Content?

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There’s no shortage of content online these day. With 4.6 billion pieces of content being produced daily, and each competing for your consumer’s limited attention, the industry is saturated – to say the least. On the one hand, a flash flood of content is good for searchers as they’ll find information about pretty much anything that they are looking for. On the other hand, content creators must fight for their chance to earn those searchers’ attention.

Content marketing has been a favourite strategy of entrepreneurs in practically all industries for the past 10 years or so. It has synergy with dozens of other digital marketing tactics, including search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing as well as email marketing. In addition, it offers one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of any marketing strategy. Accordingly, it’s easy to see why content marketing has become so popular.

Why Content Marketing Is In Hot Demand

Entrepreneurship is one of the by-products of the digital revolution. Each and every single month, more than 500 000 business start-ups enter into the market, thanks to modern technology which makes it easy for entrepreneurs to unveil their business ideas. Start-ups also look to content marketing in order to promote their new venture and assist their business to flourish.

With more and more organisation producing fresh content, you also need to outflank your competitors by putting together original, high-quality posts and articles for your niche market. The aim is to cement yourself as an industry expert or thought leader who provides valuable information that online consumers will take time to read and share.

Techniques To Follow

Let’s discuss he ‘Skyscraper’ content strategy. This strategy has been tested and it has been proven that this strategy increased search traffic by 110% in only two weeks.

The Skyscraper technique can be divided in two parts: putting content together and then chasing the correct people who can give you a backlink for it. This strategy is by no means meant to replicate or plagiarise content. “Making it better” means creating something original, more valuable, and more readable than the current winner.

Will it take time and work? Yes. But it will also give you the traffic you’ve been craving. And when you’ve got traffic and a good content marketing strategy in place, the results will follow.

How To Make Your Content Better

Adding expert quotes and sources

Do you remember Google’s 2014 E-A-T guidelines? E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. If your website meets all three requirements, you won’t only be creating content Google loves but you’ll be creating content your audience will keep coming back to as they know it’s legitimate.

Adding expert quotes to articles, linking out to reputable sources, and including a professional bio on your website will ensure quality raters that your page is run by an expert whose input people can trust.

Add Visuals To Your Blog Posts

Infographics, visual examples, videos, checklists…anything that adds value by making it easy for the reader to grasp what the page is about. In addition, visuals can easily be pinned and shared by readers for later reference.

Create PDF “Pocket” Versions

Offering downloadable PDF versions of your written content is another way to keep readers coming back to it when they need it most. Making it a “snackable” version with key points and takeaways is even better.

Write Longer Copy

While this isn’t always applicable, longer copy has been shown to work better because you answer all customer objections in one source. This being said you should always A/B test your copy to ensure if long-form content works better for your readers.

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