How can I use Facebook in my Business’ Social Media Marketing?

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Thanks to recent years of Facebook’s trusted updates to programming and features on the social media platform, it has become a marketing hotspot for your business to extend its reach with a single post. According to their website, more than 1.5 billion people use Facebook each day. That’s 2.3 billion users every month and more than 7 million people who actively advertise. That’s a colossal audience to be reached, and with the following guidelines, it’ll be easy to properly engage them and help expand your business’ exposure.

Facebook as part of your Business’ social media marketing


Facebook offers a highly effective selection of tools that allows you to show ads to people who are a perfect match for your business. There are three ways to choose your audience:

  1. Reach your core target audience – Facebook Core Audiences assist you in selecting the most applicable recipients for your ad in just a few steps. The various filters provided to help you designate your message to the right eyes are divided into Location, Demographics, Interests, Behaviour and Connections.

Location filters let you reach audiences in the cities, communities and countries where you want to do business most.

Demographics helps to acquire a selection of audience based on age, gender, education, relationship status and job title, for instance.

You can select Interests and hobbies to feature in your ad that’ll draw the crowd you want your campaign to reach.

Behaviour allows you to select people based on their past consumer habits, device usage and other related activities.

Connections makes it easier for people to be connected to you Facebook Page or event. You can even use it to instead exclude them so as to find new audiences.

  1. Custom Audiences has you getting in touch with people you already know that are compiled by customer data that you already have.
  2. Lookalike Audiences helps you to reach people on Facebook who are similar to your client base. Audience Insights assists in learning more about you target audiences. It groups attributes about your customers, such as interests and behaviours, which you can then use to find new ones.

Facebook Pages

This one is a no-brainer. Pages allow you to reach more than 2 billion people, it helps you create a digital storefront for your business. Two-thirds of Facebook users across all countries surveyed admit to visiting the Page of a local business at least once a week. When creating your Facebook Page, think mobile first – before investing time into photographs or other multimedia, see it on your smartphone first and ensure that your main message is clear.

Be simplistic – there is no need for staging the perfect shoot or having elaborate props. The best images are the simplest ones, like close-ups of fabrics or short-clip testimonials from happy customers.

Facebook Ads

The more ads you run, the more likes your Page will gather. The ideal ad for you can be compiled with the use of Facebook tools, like Facebook Core Audiences, Lookalikes or Audience Insights. For an additional fee, you may also ‘Boost’ your ad in a tailored fashion to reach even more people.

With Facebook, the possibilities are endless in terms of marketing, and even more so when added effects stem from additional social media accounts, like Twitter or Instagram. If you feel it’s all too much to learn on your own…

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