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Businesses require a solid online presence in order to keep up with an progressively competitive market. LinkedIn is an extremely powerful platform to assist you with jump-starting that presence.

If you are the same as most digitally-minded people, you are most likely aware that LinkedIn is the social media network of choice for working professionals who are looking to make business connections. Many tech-savvy business professionals, perhaps even the majority of the business workforce, have profiles on LinkedIn. In addition, these individuals are connected to the social network for the majority of the time by using their computer or mobile devices.

As there is every indication that more and more organisations will be moving to social media and taking advantage of the free exposure, which is provided by a network such as LinkedIn, simply makes sense. Unlike Twitter, Facebook or other prevalent social networking sites, LinkedIn is for professional networking. LinkedIn has a number of benefits for the Business to Business (B2B) companies and also has distinct benefits for Business to Consumer (B2C) companies.

Do you want to expand your professional network by using LinkedIn?

Things done via real-world networking can be achieved more quickly as well as efficiently by an online professional networking environment. This B2B social media networking platform establishes the ideal environment for creating your network. By making use of LinkedIn, you can review a supplier‘s reviews in addition to experience before contacting a new connection.

In addition, Linked offers an opportunity to grow your network as when you visit a potential connection’s profile, LinkedIn will show the degree(s) of separation between you as well as the connection. Thus by using LinkedIn as a networking tool, it is possible for you to see your mutual connections with third parties. This can help you with getting an introduction to an important supplier, distributor, strategic partners or future employees.

Do you want increased exposure to the right type of clients?

Businesses can create a LinkedIn company page that features their business’ products or services. This will have the effect of increasing exposure for your business as there is one more location on the web where possible suppliers, employees in addition to distributors can learn about your product or service. In addition, listing your company will greatly improve traffic to your website by permitting you to put a link to your site on your profile or company page.

Your company can post job opportunities on your company page. Other LinkedIn members who are looking for work can search for jobs via LinkedIn and your organisation will have a better chance to fill vacant positions with highly qualified employees. In addition, potential employees who are making use of LinkedIn – as opposed to typical job-hunting sites – are probably the type of innovative go-getters that a company would rather hire.

Become widely known as an expert

No matter what the business is, being on LinkedIn can always enhance its credibility. The social media platform provides an excellent opportunity to receive recommendations from past employees, clients and the like. (These reviews are not publicised unless they are approved by the company.)

By asking for recommendations from people with whom you have conducted business, it is possible for you to increase your credibility with possible business connections. LinkedIn members can also follow companies in order to keep up to date with vital information about the company.

It is incredibly important for a company to have a presence on LinkedIn in order to that they can build a their business by using the power of professional social networking. A company is about sales but it is also about connections as well as networking on a professional level. LinkedIn offers a number of opportunities to increase your referral as well as knowledgebase, attract new business and quality employees in addition to increasing  credibility and exposure for products/services.

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