Why you should consider doing a social media marketing course

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With the digitalisation of everything so to comes digital disruption.  Waves are being made in the social media marketing sphere.  In fact, social media continues to be the main disrupter of all things related to digital marketing.

Unlike a few years ago, social media networks are well established and continue to grow in popularity, therefore they have become a cost-effective medium to advertise through or to simply a way to grow brand awareness.

Social media marketing has many benefits and just as many forms or budget-friendly options when advertising on their platforms.  No matter whether you’re a small business owner or considering pursuing a career in the social media environment, qualifying with an accredited social media course is a great investment and you’ll learn so many new aspects associated with this exciting industry.

Why is social media marketing so popular?

Social media continues to grow in popularity not only in South Africa, but this digital form of marketing is one of the preferred online advertising methods used globally.  The number of online users now runs into billions, so it makes sense for a business that social media is the place to be.

Social media marketing offers an all-round marketing service that offers audience targeting, increased customer engagement, brand awareness and ultimately increase company profit.

A social media whiz can develop effective marketing strategies and therefore drive traffic to their site, increase conversion rates and help their business thrive.

What are the most popular social media platforms and why

You may be wondering which social media platforms are the most popular, and if so, why they are among the top-ranking networks.  Understanding how each social media platform works, it’s benefits, and style is key to help you choose the right network for your marketing campaigns.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media network and its number of users worldwide continues to soar which makes it a powerful platform for social media marketing.   One of the main reasons for Facebook’s popularity is it is user-friendly and appeals to a wide age group.

Instagram follows closely on Facebook’s heels in popularity and has grown considerably in the last few years.  It’s a fact that people are more responsive to image or video-based content.  It’s harder to take in text so Instagram’s image-based posts have boosted the network’s appeal dramatically.

Twitter is a completely different type of social media platform as it allows only for shorter text input.  Even though the platform increased the limit to a 140 characters, it’s still considerably shorter than other networks.  Twitter helps users get information across very quickly – a handy benefit in this fast-paced digital world of marketing.

What does a social media marketing course cover?

Social media marketing covers a range of skills, therefore it’s important that the course you choose covers the main aspects of social media marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the topics that a social media marketing course should cover:

  • Copywriting – Being able to put together interesting copy is a vital part of social media marketing, whether its blog, short Tweet or a captivating headline for Instagram.
  • Content creation – Creating engaging, informative and eye-catching content is a sought after skill in digital marketing.
  • Multi-media – Video content is the hottest trend by far in social media right now. Having a basic design, photography and video skills is a must.
  • SEO specialist – Optimising a website is constantly evolving; therefore, SEO skills need to be at optimal levels.
  • Inbound marketing – It’s important for brands to have a human element to their digital marketing. Personal engagement is key.
  • E-commerce – Shoppers adore the convenience of making purchases online. E-commerce must be covered in a social media marketing course.
  • PPC marketing – Google Ads is a must in any digital marketing strategy, therefore pay-per-click (PPC) marketing know-how is crucial. Understanding these techniques is a definite must-have skill.
  • Email marketing – Despite being the oldest forms of digital marketing, if you have a knack for creating interesting email campaigns then you should take it further and study social media marketing.
  • Analysis – Every digital marketing campaign needs analysing. Understanding the results of a campaign is key to developing ongoing digital marketing strategies.

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