How can you improve digital sales effectiveness?

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With the sales landscape changing rapidly thanks to digital technology, companies must support their sales teams to work smarter, more efficiently and secure revenue faster. Digital sales are booming and there is no avoiding it.

How companies can improve their digital sales effectiveness?

Realise digital sales is needed

Making the shift from in-person selling to selling online can be intimidating if you are used to closing deal after deal in the former technique. Unfortunately, it does not matter how good you or your sales staff are, the digital revolution is here, and companies must adapt to the needs and behaviours of consumers which are shifting online.

Employ a digital sales manager

The demand for digital sales managers far outweighs the supply, making it an expensive investment as these individuals require a large pay check. The revenues generated from digital sales, however, far outweighs the revenue generated from traditional, offline sales. Invest in an expert, who can train and influence competent employees, and your company is bound to expand its digital sales footprint.

Host a webinar

Digital sales are focused on relationships rather than cold hard sales. Hosting webinars is an effective way to connect with prospective clients by sending invites to your online seminar. Not only is this a chance to promote your brand, but it is also a manner to teach your target audience about your product or service. Webinars are interactive, accessible from anywhere in the world and provide a personal experience. These also allow a company to introduce a face of the company customers can familiarise with and create a strong market position.

Use SlideShare for presentations

Business leader giant platform LinkedIn bought SlideShare in 2010. It allows you to upload slideshows online instead of hiding them in a folder on your desktop. Slideshows are an effective way to create awareness about you brand, what you offer and when your next webinar will be. SlideShare also has a high visit-to-lead conversion rate. Some attribute this to its users being deliberate and proactively seek information about different products or industry news.

Master LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading business networking platform in use today. Regardless of its vast number of users, many professionals are simply not using it to its full potential to generate digital sales. The secret is to become an influencer, and this takes time and persistence. Join a group you feel comfortable in and start a meaningful and accurate discussion about your industry. When you are considered a top influencer you can join other groups to connect with decision makers and expand your sales network.

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