Why should you Become a Digital Sales Manager?

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When a person starts out in their chosen career – or perhaps even their second or third career – often many people will make the decision of what career path to follow because they think that it ‘would be cool’ to be in that profession.

Unfortunately, if you do follow this mindset it is very likely that you won’t make it and you’ll be the one who changes career paths every couple of year. In order to choose a career that will be sustainable for you, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself to see if you have the characteristics that will make you a good fit for that profession.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what characteristics you should possess to be a great digital sales manager.

Digital sales manager characteristics


At their very core, a digital sales manager needs to be people-centred. The reason for this is that they will be interacting with people – on a daily basis – in order to convince them that they need to buy what the company’s offering.

The worst type of digital sales manager is someone who pushes the sale above all else. As  Jeffrey Gitomer  said: ‘Value the Relationship More Than Your Quota.’ This holds very true for salespeople. If a prospect, who they’re trying to convert into a sale, says – point blank – that they’re not interested in what they’re selling, you have to respect this and end the conversation. Rather preserve the relationship that you have with them so that when you develop new products, you can call on them once again. If you sour the relationship, chances are good that they will not want to hear from you again. This means that as a digital sales manager you need to know how to read people and, most especially, know when they’ve heard enough.

Attention to detail

A digital sales manager will need to perform accurate reporting on the monthly and quarterly sales figures of the company. This means that to perform this function properly, such a manager will need to display an incredible sense of attention to detail so that they don’t convey anything in the report inaccurately. The fate of the company rests in the hands of this manager. Their reports will determine whether or not a push needs to be made in various sectors of the business based on the sales figures recorded in these areas. This means that the reports generated and, most importantly, the data inputted in order to get to these reports need to be on point.


Sometimes, the digital sales manager will see certain trends emerging in the sales data. He or she will need to draw logical inferences about this data so that trends can be plotted. These trends about buying behaviour need to be fed into the digital marketing department who can then see which areas of the market to target based on previous buying behaviour. This means that in order to make these connections and plot the trends, the digital sales manager needs to display a heightened sense of logic.

To succeed as a digital sales manager, we recommend that you critically look at yourself and see whether or not you display some (or all) of these characteristics. If you do – and your heart is set on digital sales – you’ll be very likely to succeed in this career path!

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