Why every sales professional needs to understand digital marketing

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The link between sales and digital marketing is very strong. Without digital marketing the sales professionals would not have any leads in order to convert into sales. This means that they need to work with each other in order to make sure that the business has the sales that they need so that they can keep on ticking over and making money to stay afloat.

What sales professionals need to understand about digital marketing

The first thing that sales professionals need to understand about digital marketing are the channels that the digital marketers use in order to get the leads that they can funnel into the sales process. Depending on where these leads come from will tell the salesperson something about these people. For example, if the leads come from Facebook the salesperson may draw the inference that these people are not too interested in B2B products – even though they may have the title of CEO or executive. This is because they’re not on Facebook to interact in this business space. Their mindset is on personal ventures, such as looking at photographs of friends and family.

Another thing that digital salespeople will need to know from the digital marketers is how much they spent on a particular campaign. In an ideal world, the digital salespeople need to convert as many of the leads, as possible, which they receive from digital marketing into solid sales. This will reduce the cost of the digital marketing campaign. Conversely, if the salespeople are not able to convert many of the leads to sales, the cost of the digital marketing campaign skyrockets. Then, the digital marketing and sales managers need to critically examine what went wrong in the campaign and how they are going to fix this going forward so that this situation doesn’t reoccur.

The two departments need to share insights

The most critical reason why there needs to exist a link between digital marketing and sales is that the insights that either department gathers from a specific campaign need to be fed to the other if these insights are going to help the other department. For example, if it’s seen  – by the sales department – that the majority of people heard about the company from marketing in a particular channel the salespeople need to feed this information to the marketers so that they can perhaps put more resources into this specific channel when a similar campaign is instituted.

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