Why is writing a master marketing skill?

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Got a bit of writing talent and you’re considering a move into the exciting world of marketing? Writing is as essential to content marketing as images and pretty colours. Trained copywriters know just how to craft a heading or pull together a slogan that moves people. The art of writing involves more than just jotting thoughts with pen and paper (or keyboard). This article addresses the question of why writing is considered a master marketing skill:

  • It’s needed everywhere

Think about the billboards or pole adverts you see on the side of the highway. What draws your attention to them? Colour may be an attractive element, but people relate to the written word. That billboard you passed has something to say, and it does so using words it hopes you will understand. From posters and flyers – to websites, blogs, social media content, mailers, magazines, and newspapers – writing is used everywhere in marketing and advertising, and thus writers will always be needed in these fields.

  • It’s highly replicable

Ever heard the phrase ‘work smart not hard’? Well, marketing copywriting lets designers and brand managers chop up content (like a long blog article) into smaller pieces (like social post copy, mailer text, SMSs, etc.) for various other promotional campaigns. In this way, content is replicable and reusable across the marketing spectrum. Copywriters need to understand the broader marketing message to ensure that their texts are integrating with other elements of the campaign.

  • It’s a human connection

In this modern age of relationship marketing, brands that aren’t talking to prospects like they’re actual people are being left behind. The public wants to be befriended by brands, who should talk to their target audience in a relatable, conversational manner. Copywriters connect to their readers with every sentence they type, and this human connection is something that money cannot buy. It comes from understanding your audiences to the point where you know what they want to hear.

Writing has a magical quality. It allows you to bring your audience into your world and tell them what your company is about, why they should feel special about it and why they should trust you to deliver the best quality products and service. Beautifully crafted images are incredibly necessary for successful marketing – in fact they increase the engagement rate of your content marketing pieces. However, if you don’t have copy that engages your audience first and foremost your marketing efforts will fall flat on their face.

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