Why Is Copywriting So Important?

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Contrary to what some might think, copywriting isn’t just the words on a website. In fact, only copywriters themselves understand truly just how nuanced and complex the art of writing effective copy is, and why it is so important for the success of any marketing campaign. Copywriting is everywhere – on every lamppost sign, billboard, promotional email, and more. This article takes a look at four reasons copywriting is a critical component to any business advertising effort, and how to get qualified as a copywriter in South Africa:

Effective Copy Builds A Strong Brand Image

A brand’s image is how they portray themselves in the public eye, and copywriting has an important role to play in how potential customers perceive it. Excellent copywriters are able to get to know their audiences, and the brand they’re writing for, well enough that they understand what the audience wants to hear – and how the brand should be saying it. Through tone, language use, and relatability, copywriters ensure that a reader is building a specific image of the brand as they read.

Value Can Be Conveyed Through Copy

The thousands of sentences that a copywriter develops for a brand each have a specific purpose – whether it’s to announce, to shed light, or to hook readers into taking an action. With countless brands out there, saying pretty much the same thing over and over, readers now look for authentic, original value from the interactions they have with brands through content. If there is value in dealing with the brand and what it has to offer customers, copywriters can bring this across in their copy.

Researched Copy Improves Thought-Leader Status

As mentioned above, readers want original, value-driven brand experiences. They want brands to solve the problems they are facing in their lives, and they will turn to thought-leaders to find guidance. Sharing well-researched, in-depth copy about areas of a brand’s industry is how a brand builds itself up to thought-leader status. In other words, brands should use copywriters to put out enough information that the public sees them as the authority on their subject matter.

Builds Emotional Bonds Between Brand And Customer

This forms part of building a brand image but is intended to garner long-term brand-customer relationships. Emotional bonds between brands and their stakeholders require that a brand story be told, carefully written in a manner that invokes emotional responses from the readers. The most common way this is done is by addressing a specific problem the reader or target audience is likely experiencing, and then showing how the brand is able to solve that problem for them.

Without effective copywriting, most adverts and other marketing materials would fail to hit home with audiences, falling flat before achieving the desired result.

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