Why great content is essential for your website

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Good content is what differentiates your website from the masses and delivers the correct message in the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of your website is established largely by its content. Eventually, content wins your customers’ wallets. All other facets of your website (design, visuals and videos) provide a secondary backing role. If you have effective taglines, fantastic design will only improve their effectiveness.

Writing interesting and compelling content is the most important part of your website, especially for visitor retention and search engine crawling. Once you have decided on your keyword list make sure that you integrate these keywords into the meta-tags, heading and content of each page in a relevant and informative manner. If you have the right keywords they should appear in your copy naturally without too much effort. Remember that the content is for real people too so balance your focus between SEO and readability.

Good quality content spreads from user to user very quickly because people lie to share valuable information. This is called word of mouth buzz. When someone, for example a blogger, finds some interesting content on your website they may write about it and then link to your website. These text links are critical for SEO. Blogs, social networks and email campaigns all point to your website and search engines make the connection between similar types of content, links and keywords. There needs to be consistency in the quality of your writing and keyword density across all marketing initiatives whether online or offline.

The role anchor text plays in your content

Anchor text is the clickable link that users will see as a result of a link and it is placed within the anchor tag <a href=”…”></a>. Search engines assign relevance to the keywords contained within the anchor tag to the destination of the page. The words that you choose to hyperlink are therefore important from an SEO perspective. Usually the text is styled in a different colour or underlined so that users can see that links are present. Be as precise as possible with your anchor text and remember that this link takes you to new content on another web page.

A few more anchor link tips:

  • Try to include keywords that are relevant to the destination page within the content of the link.
  • Choose descriptive text so that users know where they will go once they have clicked the link.
  • Write text that is concise, simple and to the point.
  • Links should be easy to read and identify.
  • Linking internally across your website is highly valuable as this provides searchers with an invaluable user experience and search engines can navigate your site better. Always think user centric when creating content. It’s all about user experience (UX) as a positive UX will encourage a repeat visit and word-of-mouth buzz.

Many people actually enjoy reading a good article or story.  This enjoyment also translates into online content as superior content can create a level of entertainment for your customers as well as other website visitors. However, high-quality content does MUCH MORE than providing entertainment.  Creating content for your website will assist your business to grow and flourish.

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