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Copywriting has been around since the start of advertising and promotion. Hundreds of years ago, hand-painted posters were commonly glued or nailed to poles or walls. Today, social media posts do the same thing without requiring nails or paint. The common thread that runs (and has run) through all advertising has been copy. Without words to explain the purpose of the poster or social media post, readers won’t have a clear understanding of the message trying to be conveyed by the advertiser. So, let’s take a look at why copywriting still matters – and always will:

  • Pictures aren’t enough

Award-winning copywriter, John Watson, has said on numerous occasions that, “pictures attract, but it’s copy that sells.” Marketing content uses imagery and copy together, as can be seen on pretty much any promotional content – from social media posts to printed flyers. Images are great for capturing the attention of whoever sees the content, but that’s about as far as imagery gets. It is up to copy to take over the reins and explain things to the reader in a language they understand.


  • Copy gives structure

Another solid reason why copywriting still matters has to do with structure. People love reading stories because they are structured. They have a beginning, an exciting middle bit, and a conclusion that often leaves the reader with a different outlook to when they first started reading. Nothing tells a story better than copy – even graphic novels have speech bubbles with text in them. Copy can be structured, using paragraphs and headings, to create a cohesive and coherent piece of content.

  • Personality, please?

Images are good at conveying emotions through colours and shapes. Bright, colourful images shout confidence and joviality, while dark images and rigid forms exude seriousness and professionalism. The same is true for copywriting. The words a copywriter chooses to use can completely transform a piece of content, and by matching your copy’s tone to that of your brand – you can successfully convey a brand’s personality using nothing but sentences.


  • The carrier of details

Copywriting will always matter because details will always matter. Images can simply go so far in the conveying of brand details. At some point, after being exposed to a piece of marketing content, the reader will want to find out more. This is where copy comes in. Copy carries the details that imagery cannot convey. If an advert doesn’t give the reader a chance to take any action and explains the benefits of taking such an action, chances are they’re going to keep scrolling.

No matter where the world of advertising and marketing goes, there will always be a need for talented copywriters.

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