Why Copywriting Can Make You A Vital Member Of Your Marketing Team

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Marketing would not be what it is today without copywriters. In fact, you could argue that the first marketers – who write descriptions of their snake oil and similar miracle ointments on parchments to be nailed to actual community boards – were the founding copywriters. There has always been a need for wording in promotional activities, and thus there has always – and will always – be a need for skilled wordsmiths to handle organisational copywriting tasks. So, this article takes a look at four reasons becoming a copywriter might just be your best career move in 2021:

Reasons to become a copywriter

1. Words Are Forever

Think about the countless pieces of marketing and advertising you see on a daily basis. How many of them don’t have words written somewhere? How many of them give you nothing but an image to figure out what the advert message is? When it comes to marketing, the vast majority of activities will require copywriting at some point, which means that a marketing team cannot function efficiently without a copywriter – it’s that simple.

2. Viva Versatility

Copywriting can get your foot in the door with a marketing agency, but you don’t just want to fill a chair in front of a computer, do you? Essential copywriters are those that can write for both B2C and B2B, in a tone and style that suits the brand and the persona it is trying to portray. So, a copywriter worth their weight in gold must be able to adapt their approach to writing on the fly.

3. Everyone Can Write

You might think your writing abilities are good enough to impress marketing departments but are they really? There’s a massive difference between a copywriter versus someone that writes well. A copywriter must be heads above those that write for pleasure. Remember that everyone can write, but only a handful of people can write exceptionally well. Strive to be in that handful.

4. The Bigger Picture

Copywriters are often required to call on resources when developing content for marketing campaigns. This can include interviewing industry thought-leaders and physically visiting businesses to get a feel for the brand before writing about it or on its behalf. Professional copywriters, like marketing managers, must be able to see the big picture before writing anything, and this holistic understanding of where the marketing is headed is another favourable trait amongst marketing staff.

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