Why Can Copywriting Be An Incredibly Profitable Side Hustle?

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It’s official – the GIG economy is officially in full flight. About two-thirds of people across the world already have a side hustle and an additional quarter plan to start one this year.


Pick a reason:

  • Wages aren’t high enough,
  • Remote work has given people more time to focus on additional work, and
  • Entrepreneurs need a secondary stream of income while launching a business.

Whatever the reason is, one thing is consistent: Copywriting remains one of the most profitable and simple side hustles available.

The client budget will vary contingent upon their organisation or size of the campaign. As with any industry, there are companies which are just starting out with a smaller budget. There are medium companies that are more established. There are large organisations with multiple verticals and, as a result, need more copywriting services.

The more experienced and more specialised you are in your client’s niche, the more you are able to charge. The more that you are able to prove that you’re able to understand their customer and speak their language, the more you are able to charge.

The Biggest Misconception About Copywriting

One of the largest misconceptions about copywriting is that the writing itself is what takes up the bulk of our work. WRONG. Half of copywriting lies in the research as well as the embodiment of your client’s product, voice and customer avatar. As a copywriter, you are able to help your client determine a relationship with their customers.

The more wisdom and mastery that you have in this skill, the better the opportunities are for your copy in order to convert into a sale. The more money you can make. This is why the absolute best copywriters in a specific niche can charge thousands of rands for a single sales page.

How To Start

Build A Copywriting Portfolio

No one will hire you as a copywriter if you aren’t able to first demonstrate your writing skills. The best way to display your skills as a copywriter is to build up a portfolio. A portfolio will not only make it simpler for you to apply for jobs, but it’ll also assist you pitch to clients directly. Your portfolio should involve a range of copywriting samples, from emails to online ads and magazine ads.

If you don’t have tonnes of experience as a copywriter, don’t let it stop you from putting together a portfolio. You are able to volunteer to do some copywriting for a non-profit, or – alternatively – you are able to create some mock samples based on an imaginary company or one that exists already.

Know Where To Look For Jobs

One of the major mistakes you are able to make as a freelance copywriter is taking jobs which pay pennies to ‘build your experience’. Even if you don’t have years upon years of experience as a copywriter, you are still able to land well-paying jobs from the get-go.

In order to find quality clients, begin by reaching out to those in your direct network. For instance, if you used to be a hairstylist, reach out to the salon you worked for to see if they need a copywriter.

We also suggest searching job boards that are specifically aimed at writers. And don’t be scared to pitch to clients directly via email. When cold emailing a client, make sure that you explain how your copywriting skills will benefit their business. It can assist with creating a small sample of ad copy or some other kind of copy for the client to look at in order to show your experience with the brand.

Market Yourself

In order to be effective as a freelance copywriter, it is necessary for you to market yourself. You’ll get most of your copywriting gigs online, so ensure you have a strong web presence:

  • Create a website that is dedicated to your copywriting services. On the website, you can display your portfolio, testimonials and services.
  • You should also optimise your LinkedIn profile so people know that you’re a copywriter who is looking for work.

And don’t be afraid to attend in-person networking events to land some gigs.

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