Why a copywriter is also a salesperson

Let us start off by understanding that a copywriter is someone who writes the text used as part of promotions and advertisements. This could range from websites to flyers; basically any text intended to sell something to someone. Copywriting needs to be unique and persuasive: Two words awfully familiar to every salesperson who has worked under a manager. Although not every copywriter is a salesman, the mindset of salesmanship is essentially what closes the deal and leads to a purchase. A successful copywriter and a charismatic salesperson are actually more alike than some might think.

Below are a few things copywriters could learn from the realm of sales and customer service to improve the quality of their copy:

The true purpose of Advertising

Broaden your mindset from the basics of marketing and sales for a minute and understand the one true purpose of advertising: Revenue! Plan your copy to lead people towards spending money (like on an e-commerce website) and they are bound to start doing so.

Write like a Salesman

Clear, concise and compelling language is key to driving home a sale.  Although every good salesman is confident, he is also calm and a good listener. Write in a way that mirrors the mindset of a salesman and readers won’t even realise that they are being sold to.

Learn like a Salesman

A fantastic salesperson can sell anything to anyone. This is because they know exactly what they are selling and who they are selling it to. This research proves value to copywriters as well who are, as salespersons are, students of the customer and product. Learn as the world learns and you will have all the information you need to close any deal – whether it be through the spoken or written word.

Evaluate like a Salesman

Take a step back and look at how your copy is performing and how much revenue is being generated for the business because of it. Copywriters need to beware of bad advertising, as it can cause massive strain on the public image of a brand. This can be avoided through a detailed evaluation of the market, customers, business and product.

Sell like a Salesman

Spend time in the customer service industry to understand how to sell something in person, before trying to sell something online. Salesmanship requires the ability to think on your feet and attract buyers, which are valuable skills for any copywriter.

Think like a Salesman

If you ever spent time with a really good salesperson, you will know that they have this mesmerizing quality in which you can’t help but think, “shut up and take my money,” every time they open their mouth. This is the exact quality that copywriters need to inject into their writing.

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