What Is User-Generated Content?

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User-generated content (UGC) is any type of content — be it text, videos, images or reviews, etc —which are created by people as opposed to brands. And brands will frequently share UGC on their own social media accounts, website as well as other marketing channels.

If you want people to pay more for your product new research shows that you should promote it using UGC. According to a recently conducted study, 90% of consumers say that UGC holds more influence over their buying decisions as opposed promotional emails and even search engine results.

If past campaign results are any indication, they’re right. UGC content has the potential to impact a number of key performance metrics — but, both positively as well as negatively. That’s why it’s important to know how to earn it and use it the right way.

UGC Builds Trust

Whether or not it’s a product, a service, or an experience that you’re trying to promote, modern consumers definitely want to know what they’re going to get before they place an order. For instance, 305 of millennials would not go to a restaurant if the location’s Instagram presence was not up to scratch. They just don’t trust that the experience would be what they are searching for. Keep in mind also that those diners are checking the restaurant’s own profile and content from other customers.

It’s all about creating trust. A full 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, and 70% trust online consumer opinions.

GC Puts Customers Front And Centre

Customer-orientated businesses are on the rise as companies constantly need to keep up with the changing trends of their audiences. In this fast-paced, digitally-run world, attention-spans can very easily be snapped away with the click of a fingers. If brands aren’t catering solely to their customers, their customers will simply find another brand that is.

Online users are become increasingly savvy in knowing which companies are using slimy marketing tactics, and which ones are being authentic and transparent.

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Drives Purchasing Decisions

All of the benefits of user-generated content – which we’ve chatted about before – really lead up to this one: the impact on purchasing decisions. And it’s a biggie. Nearly 80% of people say that UGC has a high impact on their purchasing decisions.

Don’t forget to use Instagram Stories when sharing user-generated content which is designed to drive purchases. Combining the immediacy of Stories with the staying power of Highlights, you will be able to create a lasting album that lets potential buyers keep watching for as long as they need to in order to feel comfortable heading to your website to buy.

The power of UGC is easy to see, and there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing much, much more of it in the coming years as brands tap into the power of their audiences and take a step back from pushy sales tactics.

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