What Is The Future Of Copywriting?

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The machines are coming, and they’re heading for our jobs! You’ve more than likely heard about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to put most marketing and advertising workers out of, well, work. Yes, machines are being taught to do our jobs better than we can, but preliminary tests have shown that content produced by AI is rigid in nature, and lacks that thing that makes it clear a person wrote it. Copywriting is changing, and we need to be changing with it. This article takes a peek at four predictions about the future of copywriting from industry thought-leaders:

Four predictions about the future of copywriting

  • More Digital Collaboration

    Information communication technology already allows for collaboration unthinkable a mere decade ago, and it’s only going to get better. Today we have Zoom and Skype meetings and collaborate on tasks by editing columns on project management systems. Tomorrow we will be able to simultaneously work on projects, or have instant transcripts of our conceptualisation processes. Data transfer is getting faster and faster, which means transferring large files will soon be almost instantaneous.


  • Improved Translation Abilities

    With more and more brands going international, proper translation becomes vital. Translating programs are good, but they don’t take into account context or colloquialisms. Translators can be paid to translate, but they don’t come cheap. In the future, translation software will be able to take quirky South African PPC adverts, translate them efficiently, and have them go live in the USA – all instantaneously. No more struggling with Google Translate.


  • Better Targeting Capabilities

    Data is getting big. So much so, that “big data” is a term used to describe using collected data on target audiences to optimise the customer experience better. This data collection isn’t going to stop anytime soon. It is only going to give copywriters better and better insights into what their audiences like, what they want to read, and how they interact with the content. This makes them better at what they do and ultimately leads to a better brand-customer relationship.


  • AI-Assisted Writing And Editing

    Who really knows what effect artificial intelligence will have on the copywriting industry, but one thing is certain – it will be a while before there is no need for human intervention whatsoever. In contrast, many predict that the future of copywriting will see man work hand in hand with the machine to improve texts and better edit based on data-driven decisions. Grammarly is one example of program-assisted editing and proofing already being used by many copywriters.

Many said that AI would be the death of copywriting and a slew of other marketing roles, but they were wrong. In fact, with COVID-19 sparking the work-from-home revolution, this field is only going to grow in popularity!

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