What is creative writing in a marketing and advertising environment?

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The correct definition of ‘creative writing’ is “writing which expresses ideas as well as thoughts in a creative way.” Put another way, creative writing is the “art of making things up” or putting a creative splash on history, as is the case with creative non-fiction.

Creative writing is an art form. We say this because you write creatively you need to step out of reality and jump into a new realm which is inspired by your mental meanderings. In the capacity as a creative writer, you’re able to express feelings as well as emotions as opposed to cold, hard facts.

Does creative writing have a place in the advertising industry?

Identify and describe the importance of creativity in advertising within own industry Among their many attributes, creative writers usually show an appetite for linguistic invention. For this reason alone, increasing numbers of marketing companies are hiring professionals with creative writing backgrounds.

An evolving marketing trend that revolves around storytelling has paved the way for digital content that, apart from offering captivating writing, relies heavily on design and web development.

Creative writing is supposed to capture the audience’s attention and guide them through “an interactive and customisable flow of information that conveys your narrative in a way that’s uniquely useful to the individual.” This can be done using both new and existing technologies such as PowerPoint-like presentations, interactive infographics, microsites, and apps.

Creative writers are experts with words. They know how sentences and language features work to take a business as well as the brand to the next level. Still, creative writing isn’t given the importance it should be because of the ‘everyone can write’ mentality.

What do creative writers do in marketing and advertising?

Creative writers help a business stand out from the rest of its competition. No one wants to sound the same as their competitors. Imagine how boring that would be! Creative writers are innovative with words. They can take a topic that has been written about ten thousand times and give it a fresh spin!

Creative writers make sure the business’s messaging is consistent. As well as making sure the messaging is consistent, creative writers make sure the messages are clear. As we’ve moved into the digital age, readers’ attention spans have gotten shorter. No one has the time or patience to read articles and blogs that aren’t clear and to the point. Creative writers make sure the business doesn’t lose customers because of sloppy writing.

Creative writers can take on different voices, depending on what the business wants: Does it want to sound quirky, serious, or casual? Creative writers are experts at doing this. They can wear different language and stylistic hats without breaking a sweat.

Creative writers know how to make sure a business doesn’t disappear in the Internet’s big black hole. This is done through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO refers to how a website is optimised so people can easily find it on Google. Creative writers can optimise a business’s website SEO by writing SEO content such as blogs and articles.

Creative writers understand how social media works. Social media is one of the big ins of marketing and nowadays you’ll be hard-pressed to find a credible business without a social media presence. Creative writers know how social media works. They know how to write quick, snappy, and engaging content for the business’s followers and potential followers. They know the best strategies to grow a following and increase brand loyalty.

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