What is conceptual copywriting?

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The modern world sees technology growing in unimaginable ways. Likewise, the modern person is constantly learning alongside it. Due to humanity’s endless pursuit of knowledge, people are more drawn to text that doesn’t waste any of their time. Copywriters make it easy for a business to attract the attention of the populace and dazzle them with a good proposition. Here’s a definition of copywriting, as well as five copywriting strategies you could try:

Copywriting defined:

The term Copywriting is defined as the act or occupation of writing the text contained in advertisements and various publications. In short, it is the catchy title of a YouTube video, or the captivating newspaper article headline. These attention-grabbing nuggets of copy are more informally known as “click-bait”. Copywriting is essentially what motivates us to seek further information on a product, and spend money to acquire it.

This is an invaluable resource for businesses, as it grants them the opportunity to tell their unique story in a unique way. This is where conceptual copywriting comes into play. Conceptual copywriters handle copywriting in a more original, creative, and attention-grabbing manner. This variety of copywriter thinks and writes differently, which is essential for content marketing originality and success.

1. Keep your writing simple

Write below an 8th grade reading level to not only spread your message across a wider audience but to provide “eye-relief” to your readers. They say that less is more, and this definitely applies to advertising. A good conceptual copywriter can tell a story in a minimalistic format and still catch the eye of their reader.

 Instead of: “How to build a vast customer base and manage it effectively.”

Try: “The best CRM Strategies for your business.”

2. Choose a Good Hook

Conceptual copywriting focuses on getting a reaction from the reader. Whether through brilliant ideas, core emotion, or a thrilling story – you want your customers to want more.

 Instead of: “Donate to these charities to help save the rainforest.”

Try:  “We are fighting to save endangered and dying animals in the rainforest, you can help too!”

3. Express Value

Copywriting should not focus on how amazing the product is, it should emphasise how much value it will add to the customer’s life. By establishing what the customer wants, a good copywriter can then examine what the business offers and effectively communicate the benefits of the product.

Instead of: “Our new product is life changing.”

Try: “Our new product will change your life. Here’s how…”

4. Emphasise FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

It is vital to keep your prospects thinking that they will miss out on valuable information if they stop reading. This sense of urgency is what drives the customer to not only read the copy, but take swift action to reap the benefits it mentions.

Instead of: “Sign up to receive benefits.”

Try: “Sign up before midnight and become a VIP.”

5. Understand Your Reader

Exceptional Conceptual Copywriting speaks the language of the customer well, and with a good hook, sense of urgency and benefits, the copy reaches the heart and head of the reader.

Instead of: “Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.”

Try: “Tweet, gram, and talk all about it.”

Writing is one of the most unappreciated skills in the marketing field.

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