What Does it Take for a Copywriter to Close a Sale?

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Writing is a broad field that stops at nothing to flourish. Most writers sell their pieces of writing to make a profit. However, copywriters don’t only sell their writing; they also use their writing to sell a brand. Copywriting is the most commercial form of writing. A professional advertisement begins with text. Words paint a picture in every reader’s mind. With the correct choice of words, you can gain capital with every capital letter. In this particular article, we’re going to look at how you can generate money by putting your words on paper.

How to generate money through copywriting

  • The Science of Words

Minimise the number of words, but broaden the message. Some of the world’s greatest stories were told in a sentence. The purpose is to turn the reader into a client of the brand, and not a fan of your writing skills. They have to feel the urge to buy your brand instead of being curious about your character. Put more depth into your words, and fewer words in your message.

  • Coax

Don’t provide the information all at once. Give them a teaser. Write hints of what they can expect, but don’t fully indulge them with the details. This is a ‘trap’ to make the reader feel curious about the brand. You’re throwing bait into the sea, and reeling in the fish. You can then leave a link for them to click on. Enjoy your seafood.

  • Attention-Capturing Vocab

You need to use different words to attract different markets. Edit your text to replace sloppy words with ones that appeal to your potential clients. Each word is essential in copywriting. Choose words that are most likely to grab attention. For example; you can use elegant words to attract a sophisticated clientele, or slang to attract the younger generation.

  • Utilise The Power of Realisation

 The trick is to answer questions that weren’t necessarily asked. People generally tend to get excited over a new discovery. It’s the power of coming to a realisation. There are things that we come across on a daily basis but don’t pay attention to. You can utilise this to your creative advantage, by putting people’s ignorance in the spotlight.  Find taglines that they wish they could have thought of first. Appeal to their intellectual capacity.

  • Your First Profit is a Smile

Before a client can even fork out their hard-earned money, they have to be intrigued by your advertisement. Your message should be creative enough to make them smile. It’s advisable to use a fair amount of figures of speech to stimulate their thought process.

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