What B2B Companies Often Get Wrong About Content Marketing?

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According to research, B2B decision-makers read an average of 13 pieces of content before making a purchase. Your content is what can make or break their decision to go forward with your firm. However, let’s face it, a lot of B2B content out there is boring and doesn’t generate leads or sales.

Let’s say your blog follows a content schedule, you post consistently as you’ve been told to do, and you go after low competition keywords, but you still don’t see results. For your marketing strategy to work, it is necessary for you to understand how to generate more impact as well as high-value leads with your B2B content.

Focusing Top-Of-The-Funnel Content On Services

The most common mistake w B2B companies make across content channels is drafting copy which highlights services or – alternatively – promotes the business too strongly. Top-of-the-funnel content encompasses social media, website homepages as well as blogs.

Homepages are frequently packed with descriptions of the product or the biographies of the company or founders. It’s quite essential to keep in mind that someone landing on a website may not have even decided if they’re in the market for a product or service, going for the hard sell immediately is a mistake.

When buyers land on your site or social media pages, they instantly want to know what value you offer them. Messaging should be buyer-centric and concentrate on educating the prospect on their problem rather as opposed to going for the hard sell.

Underutilising B2B Marketing Content In The Pipeline

A total of 53% of B2B marketers noted in-person events as the most effective channel in order to drive conversions. At the same time, email and phone conversations vie for a close second. Although these traditional channels remain to effective in B2B marketing, their success depends on how much value a brand is able to drive while they have the attention of a prospect.

B2B marketers need to use content in the sales funnel. By pinpointing gaps in the pipeline, content needs become clearer:

  • Where are the leads dropping off?
  • Where are conversion rates at the lowest?

Create content which addresses the buyer’s needs at that specific point in the funnel to make sure that prospects keep converting.

B2B content is inherently tricky because its primary goal is generating leads. It’s even more complicated because you’re dealing with a web of stakeholders, each with a different level of knowledge. Your content strategy has to identify and engage the right people at the right part of their buying journey.  Avoid these common mistakes to prevent lacklustre content and get clear on who your buyer is and where their journey leads next.

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