What AI Copywriting Means For Business And For Copywriters

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed to a point that it’s become an integral part of our everyday life. As technology continues to get better, AI has cemented itself as a crucial influencer in numerous aspects of the digital world. In fact, it has caused the discovery of complex mathematical theorems, smoother communication as well as more efficient data collection.

Start-ups to giant tech companies have rushed to innovate as well as incorporate AI into their key business processes. And why not? It makes everything a lot easier.

The field of copywriting is not the exception. However, does AI have what it takes in order to produce top-notch content and even surpass human intelligence?

Copywriting Is Hard

If you’re writing product descriptions or PPC ads, there’s a massive volume of work involved, as well as the repetitive nature of the tasks can drain your creativity. Could you give a machine a couple of instructions and let it create engaging copy while you concentrated on more pressing tasks? Well, now it’s feasible, thanks to AI copywriting tools powered by machine learning. Let us introduce you to how it works and how it could transform your marketing strategy.

What Is AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting is ultimately computer-generated writing that is created utilising natural language processing tools.

Firstly, you are required to make a decision about what you would like to write about as well as the kind of content you need. This may be anything from a blog post to a short advertisement. Then, you set particular parameters for the AI tool to follow. For instance, perhaps you decide that you want a social media post which advertises a new yoga class.

Once the machine gets the instructions, it produces content based on these parameters by analysing similar pre-existing content from around the web and then processing it into something new as well as plagiarism-free.

How are companies using AI copywriting? I’ll give you an example.

JP Morgan Chase used an AI copywriting tool to improve its CTAs and online ad copy for home equity lines of credit. They asked human copywriters to perform a similar task, and then they compared the results.

AI Copywriting Will Never Replace Human Copywriters

The truth is, EMOTIONS regulate a massive part of our intelligence. In a 2012 study, neuroscientists actually proven that emotional intelligence AS WELL AS cognitive intelligence share a lot of the same neural systems for integrating processes as well as making decisions.

We are humans and we require emotional connection. Period.

And while it is possible to imitate empathy with AI, robots will ever COMPLETELY replace real, human interaction. So rather than seeing this unavoidable advancement in technology as a THREAT or a defeatist excuse to not get started, rather think strategically about how AI is able to SUPPORT your copywriting journey.

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