The Key To A Highly Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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In recent months, business-to-business marketing plans and content marketing strategies have significantly changed. It’s about more than a mixture of discrete trends such as increasing bounce rates, decreasing open rates, or growing churn. It’s that buyers now expect a radically different relationship with your business. Therefore, the ability to create compelling, relevant and consistent content is a very effective way to attract as well as retain your audience’s attention, earn their trust, and, eventually, to convert them to customers.

Content marketing is an extremely hot topic these days for a very good reason. When it comes down to catching the attention of an audience in our message-drenched environment, modern content marketing becomes vitally important as it can be an effectual way in order to introduce your business to new prospects without:

  • Knocking them over the head with banner ads,
  • Spending a tonne on advertising, or
  • Imposing promotional messages in social platforms like Facebook as well as Twitter.

If your content is exciting, informative or engaging enough, people will be more than happy to share it with their contacts, distributing your brand and linking your company with quality content. Original content is not only valuable in this climate but this content needs to be a resource of credible opinions which are backed up with original data.

What Content Marketing Is Not

If you think that content is based upon a collection of blogs, Tweets and website pages that work in conjunction with a company’s goals, you’re right. However, only partly. While social outreach, branding as well as quality content are important elements of content management and content marketing strategy, in the great scheme of things, there’s much more to it. If you’re engaged in any aspect of digital marketing – or want to be – you’ll want to have a good understanding of what’s involved in the development of a highly successful content marketing strategy.

Be Consistent And Keep Your Promises

Consistency is about how to create a pledge to your audience and then keeping that promise again and again. You can’t have a ‘one-and-done’ mentality. You can’t say that you’re going to write six blog posts and that’s going to be that. That could be once per week, that could be twice a month, it could be a lot more frequently that than that, or there could be more space in between that. It’s up to you and your audience however you have to be consistent about it. If you’re going to be building trust, then you’ve got to show up constantly.

Persistence Is Crucial To Building Your Business

Let’s have a conversation about persistence. We call this the motor of consistency. If you have the impression that no one is listening, remember that the goal is not to get the word out. Keep in mind that if you go into every single content marketing piece thinking that you’re creating a cornerstone piece of content you’ll create a tool that carries on bringing in traffic into your company without you having to do anything. That’s how we tend to refer to this, something that’s a great statement of what you do in your company and that you’re creating durable assets. And, as we said before, content is a business asset so keep on creating those. It may not bring in much traction today, and that’s OK because – think about this – you’re going to use that piece of content a month from now, four months from now so if you construct it right maybe even four years from now.

One of the fundamental traits of a great content marketing strategist is having an ability to constantly problem-solve as well as learn new things. Content marketing isn’t rocket science however it does take some patience, creativity as well as an analytical outlook. Though an effective content marketing strategy does require analytical thinking, it’s by no means cut and dried so this leaves room for plenty of creativity and, to a certain extent at least, experimentation.

You’ll need a clear vision of your content marketing goals, and you’ll need to have at least a loose business plan in place. It also takes a good understanding of the most effective as well as up-to-date tools which you are able to access in the context of the company and industry you’re working with.

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