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Distributing your media online involves using three approaches: publishing on your own platforms, distributing to external channels and encouraging sharing by individuals. All three are equally important and complement each other. Here is how to get the maximum benefit out of each one.

Your own platforms

There is no restriction on what you can publish on the platforms that you own: your website, blog, social media profiles and so on. This is generally the first way that your online message becomes public since you can control it fully.

Publishing on your own platforms is very important for informing your customers, managing the accuracy of the information and improving your search engine ranking (provided the article appears on your page first).

It is also vital that the data is on your page in case journalists or other media writers want to find it.

If you publish a lot of new and frequently send out press releases, you could consider adding a press section to your website so that anyone who wants to write about you can access the most accurate information. However, unless you have built up considerable social capital, using your own channels is generally considered the lest reputable medium since the marketing focus is so overt and will usually be seen by the lowest number of people.

External channels

To really get the message out to the most significant number of people you must spread the word through neutral channels. This is the crux of your online PR distribution strategy because it involves building relationships with online news and publication sources. Leverage your existing contacts, call or email online news sites, approach industry bloggers and so on. Be prepared to create custom content for these publications that fit their focus.

If you feel that you want to automate the process, you can use several online tools depending on the nature of your message. If you’re going to publish a press release, consider approaching an online press office that will distribute the content to the relevant sources or set up a press office at a reputable news site.

For interesting articles that are indirectly about your brand syndicate your content to online article directories. These are websites that allow you to publish your articles, categorise articles by subject area, enable others to take and publish your articles and promote the most popular pieces.

Distribution by individuals

Ideally, you want real people spreading the word about your product online – not only sharing your content but creating their own material about you. A personal recommendation is the highest form of praise your content can get and is also the hardest to get right. Above all, it takes time and energy. The best way to distribute your content online nurture an active community that is willing to distribute your content for you. The ultimate goal is a viral message – one that rapidly spreads across social media from person to person without any added input from you.

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