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As content marketers, we generate a lot of content each and every single day. After you’ve drafted that lead-generating blog post, and have posted it onto your website, unfortunately (a lot of the time) nothing happens with it. However, if you repurpose the content, you’re breathing new life into something which is still useful but could provide more value with a couple of changes. As this will increase the ROI of your marketing department, your finance guys will be smiling from ear to ear!

Different content appeal to different audiences

Some people respond better to visuals as they are more visually oriented people. However, others may take pleasure in reading a detailed blog post as they respond better to rich descriptions. Changing a visual piece of content into a written one, or vice versa, may give the opportunity of it being consumed by a greater percentage of your target market.

Another huge benefit of refreshing your content may also lie in encouraging increased volumes of traffic from the SERPs – or social media – to find its way to your site. It is possible that you now know more, rather than when the content was first uploaded. This happy results of this is that you can add to it in order to make it more relevant for your audience members.

Identify evergreen pieces of content

Use Google Sheets (or any other spreadsheet program that you prefer) and list every blog post, podcast as well as video which you’ve ever produced.  Identify which pieces of your content are evergreen so that it is easy for you to repurpose the content.

In another sheet on your workbook, list every social media mention that you have used in order to promote  the content. If you used only one social media platform to promote a piece of content, you’ll quickly see this on your sheet and will be able to change out your promotional schedule.

Identify which social media tool you want to use to automate the process of posting on your chosen channels.  Manually posting social content as and when you need it to go up is a supreme waste of time. Some social platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to schedule posts in advance.

If you are using more than one social network automation platforms, like Buffer.com or Hootsuite.com come in handy. It is possible to link multiple social accounts from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram in addition to so many others. Schedule posts in next to no time at all, and receive notifications once your posts have gone live.

Don’t stop the content-generation machine

Continue to produce evergreen content which your audience members are interested in. Your content will become stale before you can bat an eyelid which means that you need to keep producing fresh, new content. You also need to consider tweaking the repurposed content from time to time.

Here are a number of examples of evergreen content which you can use to stimulate your creative thinking!


By assembling a number of thematically linked blog posts together, it is possible to you to put together a more powerful resource for your readers. This type of content:

  • Makes an excellent content upgrade,
  • Assists with positioning you as an authority, as well as
  • Assist with the generation of online leads.


You can take out points from a blog post and design these in as a visually succinct and shareable manner. Doing this is an efficient way to reach a broader audience on more visual social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest.

Newsletter Material

Collect your blog posts and put these into your email newsletter. The people on your email list won’t automatically see every single post that you publish. The good news about this is that you can repurpose your blog post images in your newsletter. This can generate continuity among your various content avenues. It’s also a very good place to link back to suitable blog posts.

Make use of SlideShare

Convert your content into a PowerPoint presentation. Upload the finished product to sites such as SlideShare which permits you to search through slide decks by topic and user. This benefits uploaders by providing a channel-like frame.

You spend an absolute fortune on content for your website. To make your marketing buck go a little bit further, repurpose the content in alternative formats to ensure that your brand message really responds to your target audience.

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