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Your website is the public-facing image of your brand online. As a result it needs to contain content which is both general as well as informative. It has to appeal to individuals who know nothing about your organisation but who are searching for a solution to a challenge that your product is designed to solve.

It also has to give valuable content for those who by now know your offerings as it is extremely valuable to inspire repeat visits. Think of your site as your office’s reception desk: what do individuals need to find as well as learn?

Your website will consist mainly of short copy which is written in order to prompt an action. Keep in mind that your home page is your first, and perhaps only, chance to make a great impression. A visitor who navigates to your page wants to know precisely what is available as well as what is valuable on your page. This means that you need to point them immediately to the best content. This is an essential part of developing a smooth user experience.

Your contact page

Make sure that you keep your contact page to a minimum by stating your details clearly and separately. Don’t add in any text which is not directly relevant to your contact details. This page must only have essential information.

Your navigation

The line of links at the top of your page, which take visitors to other pages of your website, must be extremely clear as well as obvious. Try to avoid vague page titles as your visitors are much more likely to leave your website as opposed to spending a long time browsing for what they need. Also, stick to terms which web users will be familiar with – such as ‘home’ and ‘contact’ – as opposed to inventing your own.

Your ‘about’ page

Consumers who visit your about page are usually looking for two categories of information:

  • Your business credentials, as well as
  • Your business’ history.

Give both by providing a quick summary of your origins as well as services (don’t go into too many detail here; save it for a devoted page) and also adding a lengthier but mandatory story of how your company came into being. Making use of a personal angle is engaging and indicates that you are a real, honest person to do business with.


Don’t be scared of repeating key information on your website. Make use of the same keywords as well as key phrases in order to emphasise the selling points of your business. Be consistent in your use of terminology. In addition, repetition provides an obvious link between different pages, which makes navigation easier for the user.

To say the Internet is a crammed space is like stating that there are a many stars in the night sky, sand on the beach or, alternatively, atoms in a cell. As stated by Internet Live Stats, there are:

  • Over 1.9 billion websites in existence,
  • Over 3.5 billion Google searches which are made every day, as well as
  • Approximately 350 000 tweets that are sent every minute.

Capturing your readers’ interests in this mushrooming digital universe can be enormously challenging. A study from the analytics service, Chartbeat, found that 55% of visitors spend at least 15 seconds on a webpage. This means that good website writing is the key to triumphing over these statistics. Well-written content which is optimised for the Internet rises to the top of search results and holds readers’ attention.

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