How To Succeed At Content Marketing

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The fact that content marketing is a huge deal is a given. We all know how essential content marketing is in order to rank better, to be more visible in search as well as social media, to establish authority as a thought-leader in addition to educating and informing both existing and potential customers.

Also, we also know how competitive it has become out there and how much harder it is to stand out. This is why an out-of-the-box approach is needed.

Creativity Is King

All of this being said, content marketers are now more convinced – than ever before – of the need to come up with better and more creative strategies. Content marketing is not merely another marketing method – it requires a totally new approach.

This type of marketing requires thinking along new lines and bidding farewell to old truths. For many companies – and also for many involved in marketing – this is a massive step. They’re very used to an inside-out perspective and have trouble putting their products or services into a wider context. They are simply unable to create sufficient amounts of interesting, relevant as well as engaging content for their audience.

Instead, businesses need to create unique, high-quality and authentic content that informs, is useful, captures the interest of their audience and is entertaining. This content could take the form of text, video, images, surveys, graphics, webinars or podcasts. However, the most important thing with content is that it must capture the viewers’ attention and – most critically – lead them to take action.

Put Your Customer First

The reason why content has dominated the marketing industry in recent years is very simple: it is still the best way to connect with your customers or potential customers. This is particularly true of the online space where customers increasingly spend most of their time.

Great content marketing also centres around the customers as opposed to the company itself. Stellar content attracts people opposed to interrupting them. It’s a lot more about them than it is about you.

Do Your Research

Take a step back before you dive head-first into content marketing. First ask yourself who it is that you would like to create content for:

  • Who will be the beneficiary?
  • What does your target audience look like?
  • What questions, concerns, doubts as well as problems do your potential customers have?
  • How are you able to help them?

The first thing that you need to do is to ask yourself who your existing customers are. Think about who your prospective customers are and then find out what they would like to know. This is most easily and effectively performed by using one or more of these methods:

  • Interviews with current customers.
  • Interviews with the company’s sales staff.
  • Questionnaire survey among potential/wanted customers.
  • Analysis of the visitor statistics on your site.
  • Interviews held with a customer service representative.
  • Analysis of activities on the social media forms that you are using.

When you have analysed your findings, you will be able to create personas in order to personalise your target audience. This makes it easier for those who are planning – as well as producing the content – to remember who they are writing for.

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