How to Leverage Content to Drive Awareness for Your Company

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Brand awareness is easy to talk about, but rather challenging to achieve on a large scale. Most new brands coming out of the gates will dream of a national footprint, but achieving this type of awareness takes – in most cases – years. What many business owners will be glad to know is that there are several ways to speed up the spread of brand awareness by using professional, highly targeted content marketing. This article takes a look at what exactly awareness is as it relates to a company, where content marketing plays a role in improving it, as well as three tried and tested ways to leverage content for improved brand awareness:

What is awareness?

Brand awareness is the only way in which potential customers are able to get to realise who you are in addition to what your company does. Without awareness of your brand, the content that you publish means nothing and will more than likely end up doing nothing more than gather online dust.

With so many brands in each and every market these days, brand awareness is the only way customers can distinguish you from all the others in your industry. The better awareness your target audiences have of your company, the more informed they will be about how your services and products are beneficial to their lives

Where does content fit in?

Brand awareness is about an audience understanding the qualities that make a company unique. When it comes to educating a target audience about anything, the most effective technique is to use content marketing. This involves the development of targeted content, with specific messages, targeting specific audience demographics, with a specific purpose in mind. These messages can include anything from introducing a brand for the first time, or showcasing a company’ products, to announcing company milestones, promoting special events, and running competitions.

3 ways to drive awareness using content:

  • Informative blog articles

Publishing articles on a company blog website or blog page is an excellent way to promote brand awareness, especially when it comes to giving an audience more information about a product or service that they’ve briefly been exposed to. For example, a social media post showcasing a new product can be linked to a blog post which has more detailed information about it.

  • Promoted social posts

These are excellent for getting a brand message to spread further than the company’s existing social network. A promoted social post can be given a budget, which influences the reach of the post. The higher the budget, the more social media users will see the post. These types of paid social adverts also allow you to assign demographic criteria if you’re targeting a very specific audience.

  • Contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t want to win something cool, right? Countless companies use content to promote giveaways in their infancy, which spikes awareness and creates a hype around their brand and their products or services. Contests are also great ways to include an audience in the development of a brand, so they feel like they have played a role in shaping the company. Examples include things like help us choose a new logo, help us name this new product, etc.

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