How to Build A Very Successful Copywriting Business Up From Scratch

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To start a copywriting business, you’ll need to select the services that you’ll offer clients, showcase your writing samples and also market yourself to attract new clients who will hire you as a freelance copywriter.

You may not think that becoming a freelance copywriter involves setting up a business however – in many ways – that’s exactly what freelancing is. If you have a plan to make a career out of copywriting, then rather than picking up the odd job here or there in your spare time, you should really consider starting your own copywriting business.

Terming your side-hustle a business may have you, as well as many other writers, feeling quite anxious – this is especially if you don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in your body. However, starting a copywriting business is much more straightforward than opening your own restaurant. In addition, it involves considerably fewer risks, which makes it a perfect path to take for those who would like to work for themselves but don’t see themselves as exceptionally competent CEOs.

Start With The Basics

Before you even think about starting a copywriting business, you’ll need to cover the basic requirements of running a freelance practice. First, make doubly sure that you have all the supplies which you’ll need in order to be a copywriter. These supplies include a computer, an Internet connection as well as a website which promotes your services.

How To Create A Website

Creating your own website is the simplest way for you to centralise your copywriting business. This gives any current or potential clients a base from which they are able to contact you or learn more.

As opposed to other businesses, it is not necessary for you to worry about coming up with a name unless you would like to do so. Having your name and following it by ‘copywriting services’ is quite acceptable and is also an approach which many freelancers use.

Make doubly sure that you have a professional social media presence, as well as a portfolio of your work that you can link to your site, all of which help to increase your reach on the web.

Blog Consistently

Many websites give you the ability to have a blog alongside your main site. This is a tool which many businesses have been using to improve their brand message and marketing strategies. Not only will you be able to showcase your skills, but you can also boost people’s awareness of your business by making use of SEO.

Keep A Track Of Your Expenses

If you purchase anything new for your business, make sure that you track the expenses, so you are able to deduct it from your income taxes. In some countries, you also may need to register your business and buy insurance.

Learn About Persuasive Writing

At its very core, copywriting is simply persuasive writing. This is because you are writing words which are intended to influence the actions of your readers. It is for this reason that copywriting is such a universally beneficial skill. The ability to persuade through writing has almost limitless applications, irrespective of job, role, or industry.

If you make the decision that you would like to pursue a career in copywriting, you will spend the remainder of your life learning about persuasive writing. There is no ceiling to this invaluable skill, so don’t treat it as a requirement. Just work your way through the basics and then keep moving forward down this list.

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