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Copywriting is a way to make great money working from home. There’s a lot of work accessible if you know the best way to find it. You don’t even have to be a specialist copywriter to start – you just need a great qualification backing you. There are easy ways to get better fast, while you build a solid client list.

Have you always thought of working for yourself? Do you want to earn money from freelance copywriting? Many individuals feel that they are not able to follow the copywriting career path they want as they do not possess the correct experience. However, the only way to enter your selected field, and build this experience, is to start.

Becoming a freelance copywriter without experience is possible. However, you will require a few key skills while you’re getting started with. These include a great grasp of spelling and grammar, and the ability to construct interesting as well as engaging pieces of work. You don’t require formal or professional experience however it does help if you have some personal experience of writing.

What exactly is copywriting?

The term ‘copywriting’ refers to the procedure of writing persuasively in order to promote a:

  • Person
  • Product
  • Business
  • Idea
  • Opinions

Copywriters write the scripts for TV commercials, radio ads, magazines, newspapers, billboards, flyers, websites as well as direct mailings. Wherever there is something being sold; copywriters are hard at work writing interesting and exciting advertisements. However:

  • Not all copywriters work in the advertising field. This in itself causes some misunderstanding, as the latter is the more well known (especially after the phenomenon which was Mad Men).
  • Medical copywriters have their own unique niche. Technical copywriting can (often) also be placed in this box.
  • Copywriting has absolutely nothing to do with the copyright branch of law.

What skills are important for a freelance copywriter?

As we have mentioned previously, great spelling and grammar skills are absolutely necessary for a freelance copywriter. If you provide work to your clients that has mistakes and errors, they are unlikely to return for more.

Freelance copywriters also require a good grasp of time. You will have to organise your own research as well as writing times in order to meet your clients’ expectations, so great time management is essential.

It also helps if you possess some sort of experience of with writing. As we previously said, this needn’t be formal or professional experience:

  • Do you write a blog on a routine basis?
  • Have you written content for a friend’s company, or for a volunteer project?

Share links to your work and then showcase your skills. If you do not have links to share at the moment, why not set up a blog and begin to demonstrate your writing abilities? Select a topic close to your heart, be creative, and start publishing examples of the work you could do for your clients.

Copywriting is far different than typical writing, such as writing an article, blog post, or other pieces of content. Effective copywriting works to drive responses and increase purchases.

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