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Copywriting is one of those skills that many people think they know about, but few understand just how intricate and involved the art of writing compelling copy really is. Don’t get demotivated though; copywriting is one of the most rewarding marketing professions, and there will always be a great need for people who can string together persuasive, engaging sentences for the purposes of brand public relations. Now that you know there’s a need for aspiring copywriters like yourself, let’s take a look at how you can refine your copywriting skills and get qualified as a professional copywriter:

1. Research The Trade

The first step is to get excited about copywriting! Seeing your work published online is a great feeling as is being read and enjoyed by people. How do you develop content that is engaging and shareable? What do copywriters really do behind the scenes in marketing and advertising agencies? Research these and more topics around copywriting, and really get an understanding of what you’re in for.


2. Consider A Qualification

Digital marketing qualifications are excellent for teaching you the real skills needed to be a great copywriter (no YouTube tutorials here) while giving you the credentials that most companies or agencies will ask to see before even booking an interview. In South Africa, a National Diploma in Copywriting is commonly the minimum barrier to entry for blue-chip copywriting positions.


3. Practise, Practise, Practise

There’s no use wanting to be a Pulitzer-winning writer if you don’t sit down and write. A blog is a great way to just put your thoughts down in a digital format; where you can write about anything and in any format you wish. Don’t worry. Nobody’s going to see your writing unless you promote it yourself. And you could always set it to private. As long as you’re practising, you’ll get better.

4. Land Your First Client

What copywriting skill are you the best at? Blog articles? PPC advert titles and descriptions? Approach advertising agencies with examples of your copywriting and see if they have any overflow work for you. Charge reasonable per-word, per-hour or per-page rates, and gain some experience while securing a future testimonial.


5. Build Your Portfolio

By promoting your own writing, and working with marketing agencies, you will gain experience and pieces that can all be added to your portfolio. Other than an industry qualification, most employers will also require a few samples of your work, to gauge whether your style and writing tone is compatible with the house style guide.

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If you’re serious about mastering the quill and ink bottle in 2021, and you think copywriting is a career you see yourself thriving in, then have a look at the accredited National Diploma in Copywriting from DSM. This thorough course will teach you everything you need to know to burst onto the copywriting scene with the right skills and credentials!

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