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Social media marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing. By utilising it in their marketing strategy, businesses can establish a stronger digital presence and become more recognisable.

The success of a marketing campaign such as this is closely linked to the type of social media activity that a business elects to engage in. The main problem lies in the manner in which companies think about this type of marketing. Marketing on social media is about a lot more than merely focusing on, as well as hunting for, metrics such as engagement, likes, shares and retweets. By emphasising on sharing quality content (in other words, content marketing), a business can achieve greater things.

What Is content marketing?

Content marketing is a kind of marketing which involves the creation as well as sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs in addition to social media posts) which does not clearly promote a brand but is however meant to stimulate interest in its products or services.

At the moment, content marketing is the favourite method for many marketers as it is able to enhance brand awareness, build entire communities around business as well as, at the end of the day, drive sales. As you may have realised the struggle for social media users’ attention is a very fierce one. This harsh competition has been driving marketers to come up with new content in addition to ways to utilise it to win the attention of social media users.

What is the main purpose of content marketing?

The main purpose of content marketing is to create a connection between the audience and a brand. Not just any sort of connection, but one where the audience has sympathy, in addition to empathy, for the brand.

Content has the ability to make individuals feel passionate about the brand as a successful content marketing campaign assists them with seeing that they share the same values. In marketing, this effect is known as ‘Brand Affinity’.

In order to make your content marketing strategy into a brand affinity strategy, you need to provide unique as well as valuable content. A fantastic way to start is to share and demonstrate the organisation’s values throughout the content which you share on social media.

Content marketing helps you to become an authority

By speaking about specific subjects quite often, from a different point of view as well as making sure that you are providing your audience with pertinent, accurate and new content, it is possible for you to become an authority on a subject. And where better to share your astute and trustworthy insights than on social media?

Individuals love to share valuable content. If you give it to them, you can expect to gain notoriety and engage many. Developing your company as an authority on a certain topic doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use technical jargon. Content written in more of a pragmatic fashion has more potential to engage.

What is the purpose of content marketing?

The goal of content marketing is to add value to your potential customers’ life and to make them welcome your existence, which may develop them into loyal, paying advocates.

Traditional marketing is an interruptive marketing strategy where advertisements or promotions for products or services reach consumers whenever, or wherever, companies would like them to. Traditional marketing comes in a wide variety of forms. It can occur in:

  • Print,
  • Broadcast
  • Direct mailings
  • Telemarketing

Traditional marketers push information about what they’re trying to sell in front of a wide audience of people – even when they haven’t necessarily asked to see it.

What are the key benefits of content marketing?

Content has an extended shelf life but once you cease paying for an advertising campaign it is removed from circulation but great content can thrive for months and years.

Content can grow your audience as people are more likely to pass on a good article to their social media networks. In addition, content can be tailored to different audience segments while adverts are a one-size-fits-all approach.

The ideas of content marketing and social media marketing being totally separate is a deceptive concept as both are required to assist you with building your organisation. While it’s necessary to understand the distinctions between the two, they work wonders together.

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