How can you inject emotion into your copywriting?

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Copywriters are the people that write the text in a company’s advertisements and promotional material. Copy is essentially what makes the customer click on a link and contemplate making a purchase on that site. Copy can be written exceptionally well and tell a fantastic story, but if it does not evoke an emotion in the reader, it is meaningless. This is because that powerful emotion is what convinces them to take the next step.

The best way to inject emotion into your copywriting is by speaking the language of your audience. You need to know what situation they are in and what issues are specific to them; what will cause an emotional reaction. There is a vast spectrum of different emotions and all of them can be utilised in copy to provide the customer with a logical excuse to purchase your product or service.

Here are some emotions the reader can experience that will increase the selling power of your writing:


Ideally, your product should solve a problem or fulfil a need. Good copy brings this pain to light and makes it seem slightly worse than it is, but at the same time coming from a position of empathy. This is so that customers are more likely to take action and seek comfort in your brand from the sadness caused by their specific problems.


Copy could also focus on relating to the frustration people feel when dealing with the problem you are trying to solve. Writing about bad and unfortunate scenarios, avoided through the use of your product/service, is an excellent way to turn emotion into a reaction. Once the audience is angered by the trouble caused, offer a quick and logical remedy to relieve their headaches.


Copywriting should make the customer fear the loss of your brand experience – this is essentially garnering FOMO (fear of missing out). Nobody wants to miss out on a great deal, and this makes concern one of the most powerful emotions that you can evoke in your reader. Adding limits to the quantity of your product/service causes a sense of urgency in your audience, and can speed up the purchasing process.


Now that you have pointed out all the negative emotions that your customer is feeling, you can reach out a helping hand and offer an instant solution to their problem. Tell stories of how your company can elevate the customer to achieve their dreams, attain their goals, or avoid trouble and eventually gain true happiness.

Another critical thing to note is that storytelling is essential for emotional writing. Whether it’s horror, adventure, or tragedy – a captivating story is the most convincing element to good copy.

Once you have chosen the specific emotions to inject into your copy, it is essential to find a tasteful and exciting way to portray them through your writing.  This takes practice and the knowledge that words hold power; some more than others. An experienced copywriter uses the right words, at the right time, and to the right people, to create the desire to engage with a brand further.

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