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No matter how great a digital marketer you are, being asked to write a blog post or a press release chills your spine. Digital marketers would probably prefer to stamp their fists on walls as opposed to working on a powerful blog post that would convert – but why this?

The secret to becoming a great copywriter is being able to put together engaging content which will answer the queries of your target audience and – in the process – persuade them that a specific product or service will meet their particular needs. However, copywriting is evolving all the time, which is why it’s important you regularly update your knowledge and learn new things.

The Growth Of Content Marketing

Content marketing has been growing as the number one skill that is needed for marketers to land a job. Having copywriting skills is surely a benefit as writing compelling articles is intimidating – and not everyone is able to do that.

However, there’s always some room for you to make improvements – this is even if you feel that you are not great at writing. Your writing does not need to be agonising and there are several small hacks you are able to use in order to hone your skills. All that you require is a little discipline and a will to learn.

Build Your Audience Personas

The only way that we maintain long-term success is for you to continually engage people. However, before you are able to do this effectively, you’ve got to know your customers. The process is like taking a bit of information and then turning it into a strategic plan. You will need to generate an audience or customer personas in order to successfully bridge the gap between where your audience is and then what you do as a business owner so that your communication is relevant to them.

Write For Only One Person

You need to treat copywriting just as though you are writing to one person and then trying to grab his attention. Copywriting is all about disseminating your knowledge in the best possible way in order to make your marketing campaign effective.

Even if you grab attention of just one person, the rest will follow. Write as though you are writing an email. Be personal, add humour and try to include details as much as you can. Consider your copy to be a cover letter and you surely will see a lot of improvements in your writing.

Be Suitably Armed

There are several different applications and tools on the Internet which can really help you to improve your copywriting skills. For instance, the Grammarly and Hemingway apps break down how you write and also let you know:

  • Sentences which are hard to read,
  • Phrases or words which have simpler alternatives, as well as
  • How many times you use passive voice in addition to adverbs.

There are many other different functions that we’ve not touched on here, however all of this useful information which makes these great applications for really understanding how you write and what you can improve on.

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