Do You Know What The Best Way Is Of Getting The Most Out Of Your Content?

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For new writers and bloggers, the focus on creating fresh and regular content sometimes means that we do not make the best out of our existing content. We produce creative ideas, however then our ideas go undiscovered. Alternatively, we focus on the perfect selection of every word, however then our words go unread. It can be annoying and discouraging to have valuable content under-utilised as well as under-read.

After we put in time and effort towards putting together great as well as quality content for our online platforms, we are confronted with the ‘what next’ question for our content:

  • Do we just put this content in our article archives on our website and then have it rot away?
  • What do we do if the content doesn’t engage sufficient users as we wanted it to?

Making sure that you keep up with the current trends in digital marketing and creating a powerful content strategy for your website or blog can be challenging.

Long-Form Content Delivers Greater Value To Your Audience

Shrewd content marketers know that website visitors are frequently looking for solutions to a problem or more knowledge regarding a topic. It is your job to pinpoint that issue and present your product, explanation or – alternatively – expert advice as the best resolution. The best long-form content fully answers a question and offers in-depth help. Videos and visuals not only engage readers but also divide up chunky blocks of text.

Render Your Content Differently.

Your current content can serve as an inspiration in order to assist to generate podcasts, videos, eBooks and newsletters or can be used simply as a redirection tool from an error page on your website. When you engage your audience in a different manner, you get to give them an alternative way to get some information they must have missed. And this would give your written content an easier way to attract an even wider audience.

Create A Compelling Headline

Say, for instance, that you get 100 people to come to your blog. On average, 80 of them will just read your headline copy however only 20 will read the rest of the article. Put another way, your headlines have a lot of heavy lifting to do. Strong headlines offer specific information and also give a little detail to draw individuals in but stop short of telling the whole story.

Of course, it’s not just about the length of your headline. The words are important as well. Headlines containing instructional phrases such as ‘you need to know’ and ‘why you should’ are most likely to be shared on Facebook.

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