8 Content Marketing Ideas To Support Your Bottom Line

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So, you’ve heard that “content is king” and you’re here to find ways that content marketing can improve your bottom line. After all, most organisations are primarily concerned with how marketing activities contribute to profits. Content marketing isn’t about attracting leads and making more money, but rather about educating consumers so they can make more informed purchase decisions. However, when executed professionally and with a strategy behind it, content marketing will inevitably garner a stronger bottom line. Here’s how to maximise your content marketing returns in 2021:

1. Assess Your Business Branding

Before pushing content onto your followers, make sure that the branded elements accompany your content are up to scratch. In other words, it might be time to redesign that logo you’ve had unchanged since 1992.


2. Use A Funnel-Aware Content Audit

Content marketing is only found in one or two phases of the sales funnel. Everything else that contributes to the conversions needs to be in place for the content to be effective, like landing pages, calls-to-action, contact forms, etc.


3. Assess Your Internal Opportunities

You know that more content can equal more long-term leads, but how do you secure more content without breaking the bank? The first solution is to look for any means that you can create more content without having to pay more for it.


4. Work With Experienced Freelancers

One way to save money while getting agency-quality content marketing out there is to approach freelancers. These are seasoned individuals who have agency experience but who charge a greatly reduced rate for their content.

5. Establish New Content Channels

Content marketing is only effective when the content is distributed at the right times, in the right formats, and across the right channels. When you maximise these available content sharing channels, you inevitably open up new channels through which to secure new leads.


6. Use Content In Customer Services

Picture this: a customer calls in to pick your brain about your product and the many uses it has. With a content marketing strategy in place, you can direct the caller to your blog article that explains everything they need to know – instead of sitting on a 60-minute call.


7. Leverage Your Existing Content

Think about the content you’re creating as assets. Each blog article is an asset that can be used time and time again to attract interest in your brand. Existing content can be shared and reshared, and updating old content could even see your website climb on the search engine rankings.


8. Don’t Forget About The CTA

Finally, and most important, is the necessity of having clear calls to action. Your content is worth very little if it doesn’t prompt the consumer to take an action of some kind – like call us now, or click here for more information, or fill in the form and we’ll get back to you, etc.

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