7 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Strong Content Marketing Strategy

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Content is the lifeblood of marketing and advertising. In 2021, a year after the pandemic that taught planet Earth more than a few lessons, customers have become more involved and tuned-in to the commercial process than ever before in history. They want to know where your products came from, who was involved with making them, how they can be used, what concerns there might be, and what after-sales service they have should they choose to spend their money with you. There’s one solution that can waylay any and all customer queries and concerns: content marketing. Here’s why:

1. Long-Term Organic Leads

Heard of search engine optimisation (SEO)? In essence, it involves getting your website content to rank high on a search engine’s (Google/Bing) results pages. Content marketing involves adding content to a brand’s online resources, which will improve a website’s SEO and therefore facilitate long-term organic lead acquisition through search engines.


2. Grow Your Social Engagement

Content marketing is all about, well, content! The trick is to make your content highly shareable. In other words, you should be able to share your content across multiple platforms. For example, blog articles can be uploaded to a website. Then their links can be shared on social media channels to drive awareness and readers.


3. Build A Stronger Brand

A strong brand is one that opens itself up to followers, engaging them through multiple channels, using multiple content formats, so that customers get to know the brand better. By sharing your knowledge and superior industry “know-how”, you’re exposing your brand in more ways, to more people, and therefore strengthening brand awareness in your community.


4. Keep Your Customers Informed

The chances of a customer spending their hard-earned money on something that they know very little about are minimal. Today’s discerning shopper is just as concerned with the ethical and moral implications of using a product than with the product itself. For this reason, content marketing is a great way to educate existing and prospective customers with the information they need to make purchase decisions.

5. Establish More Lead Channels

Content marketing opens up more opportunities to attract leads. For example, sharing blog article URLs on your community social media pages will introduce your brand and services or products to people in your area that might never have heard of you or your business. This happens all the time, in even the smallest of towns. Sometimes, the best exposure you can give your brand is a helpful article that provides answers to some questions asked by your community members.


6. Offer Superior Post-Purchase Support

As mentioned above, content marketing is a great way to ensure that your patrons – both existing and potential – are educated on your business and have ways and means to get in touch should they need after-sale guidance. Avoid having to field constant calls regarding your business or products, simply by creating an information depository on your website in the form of a blog.


7. Solidify A Strong Business Reputation

One overwhelming truth about effective content marketing is this: any brand that nails content marketing will be seen as an authority within their field. Why is this? For one, content marketing ensures that people are encountering your brand regularly. Second, by putting out quality, authoritative information regarding your industry, you establish yourself as a thought-leader, which automatically bolsters your brand’s industry reputation.

The importance of content in any marketing mix cannot be overstated, and its importance is only going to grow as we go further into the new decade.

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